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Name: Nogiyoma Tetsu
Species: Ghoul
Likes: human flesh, color white, and likes fighting
Dislikes: most foods, girly things, reading, silence.
Description: Nogiyoma Tetsu normally wears a sweatshirt, baggy shirts, and baggy sweatpants.. and sometimes like the bandages in the picture. Her mask is in the picture, and she is fun, weird, And can be like touka kirishima, she is also loud and sometimes gets depressed...
Inspiration: Tokyo Ghoul

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Name: Aoi Tama
Age: 19
Gender: Female/Alien
Dislikes: Being around people
Likes: Talking to different things
Food: None
Drink: None

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Thanks for invite :)
Name : Asuma Akayuki
Age. : 19
Gender: girl
Sexuality : bisexual
Like : anime, sleep, strawberry cake, hacking
Dislike : bullying
Bio: one child only. Hated his father

Extra: daughter of a Mafia boss, Genius and people always want to be her friends. Always shut herself in a room with a reason to learn. Her father was very proud of her. But in fact he was not as good as people think. Her personality changed drastically after her mother died in an unnatural way. Although the manner of his death is not natural but the father requested that the case be closed immediately. She could not trust anyone else even their own parents. Has a secret job as a hacker. With her genius She has recognized the world. People called her Darksite. She is doing it with the aim of uncovering cases of the death of his mother three years ago.

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I just like this photo

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Name: Kedokitokudo Aritomomie
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Bio: I'm just a normal guy but I'm sightly different from everyone else I'm part cat. I also like anime, manga, video games, and books.
Nickname: Kedo

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Name: Izakumi Hatoshiya
Age: 17
Likes: nice people, food , weirdness
Dislikes: hatred, non repliers, liars
Bio: I come from a small town and just so to speak I don't have many friends. I feel alone someone please help me I would enjoy having someone around

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Thanks for inviting me ... yururu

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Name: Nee Mo Mo
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Likes: To be Rubbed
Dislikes: Treating me wrongly
Food: Cat food
Drink: Warm milk

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Question. For the profile, what are like the main things I need for the profile info?
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