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I know this hardly has anything to do with anything but... GOOD GOD WE'RE ALL DEAD for those of you who don't know who that purple dude is, it's Vincent (Commonly known as purple guy lol)from FNaF2. He's a psychopath that's why we said we're all dead. He's bad enough on his own but he could destroy cities with a Pokémon o.o"

Name: prefers to be called "Echo"
Pokémon: Ninjask
Gender: NA
Sex: Male
good/evil: good
Specialities: Caries around its Shedinja(evil)
Bio: After becoming infected with the evil now flooding the world is pre-evolution used the last of its remaining good to free itself, via evolution, transferring  the evil into its skin.  Is searching for a way to free "its self" from this evil.
likes: training, food, watching others fall on there face attempting to attack
dislikes: people looking at Shedinja

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Shiny Sylveon
I'll do more later :3

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After 3 days of trying, I finally have an Umbreon to claim as my own...It was weird that I got a Vaporeon before I got the Umbreon I mean like seriously!?! But the good news is I also got an Espeon, he's really powerful! An Umbreon and an Espeon... two of my faves.

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Pokemon: Riolu
Gender: Female
Bio: I was born out in the wild, with two other Pokemon that definitely weren't Riolus. They had no idea where we were and how we got there. They later discovered that they were an Eevee and a Mudkip. They named themselves Halley and Uriah. We didn't know what to do, so together, we traveled around the world, defeating other Pokemon in battle. But then, we discovered a human town. When we walked in, and a trainer with two evolved Pokemon caught Uriah! Halley and I were scared and didn't know what to do, so the trainer tried to catch us too! She succeeded and trained us to our very best!  The girl, Mallie, short for Maleficent, helped us all evolve, except for me. Uriah was a Swampert, and Halley was a Sylveon. I was powerful too, but I didn't evolve. Mallie didn't seem to love me enough, yet. I was more powerful than Halley and Uriah, but they seemed to start to leave me out, because I hadn't evolved. Her two other evolved pokemon, Mia, an Ampharos, and Alpha, a Fraxure , told me that it was okay and that I would evolve soon, and that I would get my friends back. Then, because by that time, I was her only devolved pokemon. Until, she got a pikachu! 
It was her father's and it couldn't evolve! I became friends with her, so I didn't need to feel lonely anymore.
Likes: Eleanor(pikachu), purple, Mallie
Dislikes: Halley, Uriah, not evolving

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Im working to get an Umbreon and an Espeon :D I always wanted them... but anyways ish time to create my thingy lol

Name : Chrystal
Pokémon : Delcatty
Gender : Female
Specialties : (Do you mean moves?)
Bio : Chrystal was born in a nursery, her parents were taken but not her. She ran away while she was still a Skitty, she ran into an area where Skitties weren't common. She had ran to Route 10, there she met an Eevee and they became the best of friends. her had evolved into a Vaporeon and she Evolved into Delcatty
Likes : Being social, battling, and winning. They were captured separately and met in battle...they did not want to fight but there was no choice but too, she defeated her friend and felt a pang of guilt. She never saw her friend again and she lived in her pokeball hardly ever getting to fight thank to her trainer having a Charizard.
Likes : Winning, Socializing, and battling
Good/Evil : Good

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Specialties: has a special bag he can fit anything into
Moves:Psychic, Shadow Claw, Toxic, and Dazzling Gleam
Bio:Grudge grew up alone in a cgae, secluded, and kept away from all civilization. He was regarded up until the age of 11 as a mere test subject, or a mistake rather. At the age of 8 he attempted escape and was safe, for about two weeks, he was then found and his only friend, Stitch, who had saved him was killed in attempt to protect him, or so he thought. Three years later, Stitch came back with the police and rescued him. He then moved in with Stitch for 3 years until things between them got rough and he ran away. After running away, he joined a gang and lived on the streets, stealing and killing to survive for a while until he was found and brought into this beautiful Pokémon world. Since then he has had a strong sense of justice and a hard time trusting others.
Likes: Being Alone, Chocolate

Name Jirach
Pokemon Jirachi
Gender male
Likes meeting other pokemon
Dislikes being made fun of about the plush
Betrayed by its friends and family. It wanders the land in surch of pokemon he can trust and truly call freind. He carries around a special Victini plush for personal reasons you may find out

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I did it! 500x500 and 67kb.
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