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Hi there!

Check out this week's #Money #Mindfulness Message.

Welcome The New!

Every day something new happens. The question is are you open to it? Do you welcome it? Do you embrace it?

Think of 3 different ways you can welcome a new thought, belief, perspective, strategy in regards to your life and money!

Feel free to share your different waysin my Money Mindfulness FB Group -

Here's to your wealth and success! As well as a great week ahead!


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This Week's #Money #Mindfulness #Message

#Religion & #Spirituality

Are you "religious" about your money or spiritual?

The difference being is one stems from overzealous habits regarding your money - that may or may not serve you! And the other is free flowing from within and allows you to consciously focus your money energy in having more, doing more and being more with it.

Let me know your thoughts!

You can also watch my video on the same topic by going to tthis link -

Please note you will have to join the Facebook Money Mindfulness group to view it! The link is here to do so -

Have a great rest of week ahead.


P.S. Pre-order copies of The Little Book of Money Mindfulness & receive access to An Introduction to Money Mindfulness - an online course.
For further details go to

Offer ends - Sat 5th November.

Any questions let me know!
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This week's #Money #Mindfulness #Monday message is - Get Some Rest

Taking a break, getting some rest, is different from letting it go!

It is acknowledging that you are not a machine but a spiritual human being who needs to take some time to reflect, revitalise, recharge and restore! Becoming mindful about and with your money is a journey not a destination!

In doing so, you are demonstrating "self-love', an important ingredient to manifesting healthy and prosperous relationships with others as well as with your money.

Listen to my last Spiritual Sunday FB Live post in my Money Mindfulness FB Group to get more insights on this message, it also includes a short exercise.

The link is here - (To view you will have to join the group!!)

Enjoy! And do share any thoughts or feelings you have in regards to this message.

Here's to an abundant week ahead!

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A 60 minute opportunity to ask your questions about money, mindfulness, holistic personal finance and all that good stuff TONIGHT at 8pm GMT (London, UK)

If you are stuck for questions check out that week's Money Mindfulness Message (posted on Monday in the group) and base a question around/on that.

Get your questions ready....share them and get them answered by me, Lavinia D. Osbourne - your money mindfulness and financial empowerment coach!

I look forward to serving you!


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Hi there, and welcome to this week's #Money #Mindfulness Monday message.....

"Remember we are what we feed ourselves...our thoughts!

Be it with the people we talk and listen to, the surroundings we submerge ourselves in as well as the things we read and consume!

Be mindful of this as you make your way on your life journey!"

Join the Money Mindfulness FB Group this Wednesday for our monthly Q&A session - you ask the questions, I answer them!!

Also, if you are looking for some good nourishment for your financial soul then look no further than and pre-order your copy of The Little Book of Money Mindfulness.

Check out the reward where you get FREE access to my online course - An Introduction to Money Mindfulness, plus a number of other perks!

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Hi there guys and gals!

How are you doing this super day? I hope your inner light is shining at full capacity!

So, tonight (UK) is the last of my weekly ‪#‎Money‬ ‪#‎Mindfulness‬ Q+A session so if you have a question about money, money mindfulness, etc, then do come to my Money Mindfulness Facebook Group and post them from 8pm BST; I will answer them for you.

For more information go to -

Keep smiling and have a blessed day!


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Following on from the super successful and energetic Money Mindfulness FB Group Q+A Summit last week, Lavinia D. Osbourne invites you to this 60 minute webinar to learn ‘7 Ways to Incorporate Money Mindfulness Into Your Personal & Professional Life Today' on Wednesday 29th June at 8pm GMT/BST

On this webinar Lavinia will go through the 7 key money mindfulness actions, thoughts and behaviour to make a habit in your life to increase financial wellbeing and income.

This webinar is for YOU if you:-
• Struggling with creating more income in your life;
• Feel conflicted in your relationship with your money;
• Stressed about money and how to make it work for you;
• Desire to manifest a magical relationship with money that serves you and the life you want for yourself and family.

Register your place by going to

Lavinia D. Osbourne is a Money Mindfulness and Financial Empowerment Coach helping individuals, mainly women, connect and align with their spiritual selves to manifest a magical and meaningful relationship with money.

Connect with her during this webinar and in her vibrant Money Mindfulness Facebook group - afterwards.

Don’t forget – REGISTER YOUR PLACE TODAY by going to now!

See you there!

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Hi there!

One day to go until my FB Group #Money #Mindfulness LIVE Q&A Summit where I and 5 other experts will be answering your questions on #money, #business and #financial #wellbeing!

Join us during the day to ask/post your questions and get involved.

Its going to be fun, informative and interactive so don't miss it!

Go here - - to join!!

Starts at 10:30am GMT until 5:30pm GMT

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What a great quote!
Lets keep it present, positive and productive!

Here's to a marvellous weekend!

#Mindfulness #Money #Life #Love

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#Money #Mindfulness #Monday

"When it comes to our money and finances, too many times we give our power away; be it to banks, bailiffs or businesses, who take advantage of our lack of financial knowledge; or the voices in our head telling us we are undeserving of wealth, success & happiness.

If this is you then know you are worthy, you are deserving and you already have what it takes to overcome your financial circumstances! YOU just need to believe it and start the journey!"

There is still time to join Butterfly Wealth Creation's 6 Week's #MoneyMindfulness course. The second part is this Wednesday 25th May.

In the first part of Butterfly Wealth Creation’s 6 Week Money Mindfulness Online Course we discussed 'Financial Wellbeing and Selfcare', and why it is relevant to your overall holistic wellbeing and how to implement in your life, so that you can have more peace of mind and happiness.

Go to - to view a sample version of the workbook for week one!

There is still time to join the course but you have to be quick as the second part of the course is this coming Wednesday 25th May!!

Here is the course link for further information and to book your place –

Any questions email –

Sign up closes tomorrow - Tuesday 24th May!

Have a great day and wonderful week ahead folks!

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