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I am new to EFT and FasterEFT...

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Tidbits of NLP love from David Snyder. 馃槉

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Hello Faster EFT Community. I have been an EFT Practitioner for the past ten years and love the results. I offer retreats in Sedona, AZ that offer EFT as part of our program. Here to learn more tools. Thanks for your community.

This is my comment to the video #337:

Hi! I've translated the subtitles for the video #471 into Czech. But I'm not thrilled by the idea that I'd have to have Facebook only to be able to upload it. I though I'd use my wife's account, however, if I understand correctly, she would have to be a member of the group so she can upload, right? I don't think that enrolling her in the group is a very good idea because she doesn't understand English... What do I do?

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Hi Folks, some of us are starting up and learning how to use google+ and hangouts. It is pretty cool and the possibilities seem endless. 聽 聽

need tapping buddies ,anyone available?

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Our FREE EFT for Prosperity & Abundance Tele-workshop "meets" @ 10:00pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) every Sunday night. We're holding a special "Creating & Manifesting Happiness, Prosperity & Success in your Life" using EFT & Law of Attraction" Sessions!聽

22:00 Romeo = 10:00pm EDT = (Eastern Daylight Time).聽
(US) EDT = UTC-4 EVERY Sunday night!

The Tele-Workshop number: +1(712)432-8808
The Tele-Workshop Conference Number PIN: 6344394#

We also host 5 other FREE WEEKLY EFT Tele-Workshops Sun.-Thurs. @ 10:00pm EDT, and a FREE Google+ Hangout EFT Workshop every Fri. nite @10:00pm EDT.聽

Come and join us and learn how to harness the Abundance & Power of the Universe to Create & Manifest Happiness, Prosperity & Success in your Life.

Sunday night's topics include, Using the movie technique to create & manifest happiness, abundance, & success in your life.聽

(If there's any problem getting on the call, call me directly @ 845-706-2183.)


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Guys, here's another post from The Soul Marketing This time it's all about why you need a mission more than a website and the differences between traditional publicity and content marketing. USE it!!!

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Offering sessions will take you nowhere but...
Have you ever wondered why so many 聽practitioners and business owners struggle so much when it comes to marketing their services. Many of...
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