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Google Student Ambassador of Aarhus University meeting the Vice President of Security & Privacy Engineering of Google at the Technical University of Munich!
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Join the Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) to gain hands-on digital marketing knowledge! By creating online marketing campaigns using Google AdWords and Google+, you can win a trip to San Francisco and the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California ;)
We’re excited to announce that professor and student registrations for the 2016 GOMC are now OPEN!
The best way to get started is by discovering the GOMC here:
Stay up to date on the Challenge through our Google+ Page:…/posts
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Have you ever wanted the chance to solve a challenge faced by engineers at Google? Here’s your shot! Hash Code is a team-based programming competition for students and professionals (18+) across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Using the programming language and tools of your choice, your team will compete to program the best solution for a challenge built by Google engineers.
Top scoring teams from the Online Qualification Round will be invited to Google Paris to compete in the Final Round of the competition on 19th March 2016. 
Find some teammates and sign up until 9th February 2016 at 18:00 CET.
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We hope everybody had a great start into the new year! :)
While you are still thinking of the good resolutions for the New Year, you might have the intention to start working at Google.
So here we have some proposals:
1. HR - Staffing Services Associate, EMEA!t=jo&jid=75485001
2. Associate Account Strategist, Global Customer Services
3. Associate Account Strategist, SMB Sales
(2&3 are examples for the Danish speakers, but you can change it to your native language by simply exchanging the language in the search bar on the top, f.ex. "associate English" :) )

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Check out the event and hear what the Google team in Aarhus is working on with regards to the internet of programmable things and use this unique opportunity to meet some of the people behind the project.

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The GSA Team is proud to tell you that one student from Aarhus University spent three amazing days with Google at the Wroclaw office. Congrats for having been chosen for Google AdCamp 2015!!!
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Check out what happened in Dublin during the Google Student Ambassador Europe Summit 2014!
Maybe you will get the chance to go this year ;)
Meanwhile you can already get a glimpse at AdWords by trying out the online exam and getting a Google T-shirt...
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Want to get a Google T-shirt and to become Google AdWords certified?! Then it’s time to get prepared for your AdWords exam! Start testing your knowledge of online advertising best practices!
With all the exams during the last months, we decided to move the deadline to the 31st of July.
These are the relevant links to pass and to submit the AdWords Fundamentals exam:
- Information about the Google AdWords exam and how to sign up: 
- Information about AdWords Fundamentals (online readings incl. pdf):
- In order to get your SWAG (T-shirt), upload your pdf Certificate to your Google Drive, right click on the file, click “Share” -> Advanced, Who has access -> change to “Everyone with the link”. And finally fill in our form:
Wishing you a great start to AU Summer University!
Your GSA Team
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It’s picture time :)
While going through the pictures, it is nice to see how we all went through this learning period together. Thank you for your spirit and we are looking forward to see many of you tackling successfully the AdWords exams.
Enjoy the show!
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Google DM 101 & 3 AdClasses @ Aarhus University
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Hello everyone,

Have you already passed the AdWords exam and want to share the certificate with us to get T-shirts? 
1. Use this guide to make sure you do it right. 
2. Upload the link here:

Your GSA Team
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