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Update! Please like if you have read this

1. Minor swearing is allowed but use demigod swearing more often. NOT at each other.
2. No sexual references such as sex and body touching. Kissing is allowed.
3. Post in the correct tabs
4. Use the gods/goddesses that are listed. If you want a different one then listed, ask in the questions tab
5. Wait for your application to be approved before Rping
6. No harassment
7. Use * when describing something or your oc isn't talking. _ for when your character is thinking. ( this for talking out of character.
Kaiden looked over at the new demigod
Who are you and who is your godly parent?
I hope he doesn't get into to much trouble
(Do you get this now?)
8. Talk in either 1st person or 3rd person but at the top of the post, post which you are talking in.
9. Have Fun!
10: If your character uses their power to much, they will get tired. Using their power drains their energy.
11. You can only have two leader positions!
If you break the rules:
1: Warning
2. Second warning
3. Banned for a week
4. Banned for a month

Name: (Include second name and middle names if any)
Age: (Required)
Birthdate: (Optional but would be useful)
Greek or Roman or Rogue:(Required)
Godly Parent: (see list of gods/goddess)
Cabin number or Cohort number:(required)
Quote: (optional)

Powers: (Please check list of powers)

Fatal flaw: (make it up or take the test)
Other notes or special things:

Backstory: (Required)

Romance status:

Hair colour:
Hair length:
Eye colour:

Other things:


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Lili pulled on her silver parka and quiver quickly, eyes darting around. The hunters had been split up, leaving Lili alone in the forest beyond CHB's borders. The snow fell front he's my in tiny flakes, making the forest nearly all white to Lili's vision.
+Jession Ackster

Hope was walking to her cabin, carrying a lot of books. She had just come from a book store in the main part of the city and couldn't help herself. She couldn't see where she was going and she bumped into someone. All of her books fell on the ground along with the person. She gasped. "I am so so so so so so so sorry about that...." You....

Anyone want to RP?

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||•Location•|| Open Field, somewhere in CHB
||•Time•|| 2:33pm
||•Title•|| "Batter, Batter, Swing!"
||•Open or Closed•|| Closed +Kaiden Snow +Cisco Ramon

Zephyr grinned. The game had just started, and she was pitcher, naturally.
Hey Kai! At least try and hit the ball, big bro!" She teased, throwing the ball up and down. She got ready to pitch, and threw.
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Kaiden yawned and looked bored . He looked around the camp. He had been ill with the measles and this was the first time being out in a while. He hears your footsteps Nice day isn't it?

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||•Time•|| 12:01am
||•Place•|| Fireworks Beach/Lake
||•Title•|| Truth Or Dare
||•Open Or Closed•|| Open

Algea took a few deep breaths before diving into the lake. It was feeezing. Of course. She knew that. She got up, gasping.
Why would I take dare.
She thought, shivering as she got out, and quickly put her jeans and stuff back on.
I hate winter. She muttered aloud.

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"Algea Felicitas Bast."


"January 31."

Greek or Roman or Rogue:
"Roman. But I stay at CHB. With my friend Abby." ( +Cisco Ramon )

Godly Parent:
"Proserpina. Oh, you Greeks call her.. what was it? Persepone? Persephone?"

Cabin number or Cohort number:

"You can't wake up, this is not a dream."

~Really Powerful During Spring
~Major control over flowers
~Immune to all plant poison
~Major control over poisonous plants

"How would I know?"
Algea is very happy and warm in the outside, but if you get to know her she will be miserable at times. She is flirty and funny.

Smells Like:
Algea smells like a rose garden, with the scent of the woods beneath.

Fatal flaw:
"Uhh.. what."

Dropping her happy facade, long range Combat

Other notes or special things:
Algea is extremely afraid of heights.

Algea was named after the Greek goddess of pain, grief, and tears, because her father, Lucas Bast, had lost his first wife the day before Algea born from Prosperpina. When Lucas found Algea lying on his doorstep after she had been born, he took her in and raised her. A small note that had been in Algea's hand said that Algea was Lucas's daughter, and that she was a demigod. Though Algea was born in Las Vegas, her father moved with her to New York City when she turned 12, so she could live at CHB but still see her father. When Algea turned 14, her father was killed when a monster came to his apartment while Algea was visiting. She was never the same. Later that year, she got with another person who used her, and then threw her away.

"My father, Lucas, is... well, he's gone now."

Abby (?) +Cisco Ramon


Romance status:

Hair colour:
"White Blonde."

Hair length:
"Back, waist?"

Eye colour:


"A ring from my father."

"A sword, and if I have to, a pistol."

"Ripped jeans, hoodie, pink sneakers?"


Other things:
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Zephyr closed her eyes before realizing she had to teach the sword fighting lesson today. She sighed.
Get up, Zeph.
She pushed herself up and changed out of her sweats and Yankees jersey and pulled on black jeans and a black tank top. She dragged herself out of the Thanatos cabin and to the arena, rubbing her eyes and yawning.
Okay class-
She stopped when she saw you, teaching her class instead.
Oi, what the hell is going' on here?
She asked, coming up behind you and tapping your shoulder.
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