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Here a profile template for both Cannon and Original characters. If you feel that you don't want to write out all the information for a cannon character you may use the information from the wikia but it must be a good amount so there is detail about the character.

Name: Guts
Age: 20+
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Traveler and Mercenary
Affiliation: Himself and his companions
Alignment: Good yet tainted by his inner darkness

Dragonslayer: With the mighty blade forged by Godo, Guts can cleave through both armored knights and their horses with ease. The Dragonslayer is also extremely effective against all but the most heavily armored Apostles. The sword is so heavy that it can slice through regular weapons and armor in a single slash. Guts has wielded it to such effect, that the vast amount of blood of Apostles and demons have given the Dragonslayer the ability to have great effect on astral beings. Guts has also learned to use it defensively.

Cannon Arm: The cannon in Guts' mechanical arm is one of Godo's inventions. It is given to him alongside other tools to help Guts on his quest for revenge. Guts operates the cannon by loading powder into the barrel and ramming the cannonball into the barrel with a special ramrod. Guts then pulls a rope/cord that pulls his mechanical arm's hand above the barrel which then leads to the powder igniting and then firing. Guts makes use of this cord in situations where he cannot let go of the Dragonslayer or he can't use his right hand by pulling the cord with his teeth and firing the cannon that way.

Repeater Crossbow: The Repeater Crossbow is another one of Godo's inventions. Guts receives this weapon before he sets out on his quest of revenge as the Black Swordsman. Guts uses the crossbow by attaching it to his mechanical arm and filling its magazine full of bolts like a modern day machine gun. Guts then aims down the sight and turns a crank on the weapon with his right hand to let fly a volley of bolts.

Berserker Armor: Gifted to Guts by Flora, the Berserker Armor acts as his trump card against powerful enemies. When used, it completely numbs his senses to pain, and enhances his every movement. Guts is able to do multiple somersaults even while wielding the heavy armor and wielding the Dragonslayer.

Guts possesses titanic strength gained from a harsh childhood lived with a band of mercenaries. Guts is seen by many as the personification of endurance and human willpower. Somehow Guts always manages to survive, even risking his life needlessly, as long as it was a risk that lay along a path to victory. He has engaged and successfully triumphed against many human opponents such as Bazuso, Zondark and Boscogn. However, his greatest battles are against the horrific beings known as Apostles, who can transform into giant demons, easily surpassing groups of men.

In his early twenties, as the Black Swordsman, Guts is shown to be a true master swordsman, even considered by the Count to be the greatest of all humans. Guts is shown to be able to block attacks faster than the human eye can see, and all with the insanely heavy Dragonslayer. With his vast arsenal, Guts is shown to be able to dispatch foes at any range, each weapon option growing in lethality as he gets closer.

Strengths: Physical strength, Overpowering anger,Battle strategy and strong will
Weaknesses: Mental damage
Backstory: Guts is born from a woman hanged among other corpses on a tree that it discovered by a mercenary group under a man named Gambino. Though Gambino assumed the infant was dead before he started crying, his men seeing the circumstances of his birth a bad omen, the mercenary leader decides to adopt him at the behest of his lover Shisu who suffered a miscarriage three days prior. Years after Shisu died when was three, Guts is trained by Gambino to use a sword and later enlisted in the mercenary group at age nine. But Guts's relationship to Gambino starts to break apart when another mercenary in the group, Donovan, claims that he bought the boy from Gambino for his depraved pleasure. But Gambino's seeming obliviousness to what happened the previous night drives Guts to kill Donovan during a job where Gamino loses his leg and deem unable to fight.

Two years pass, despite now able to fight battle against people many times his size and age, Guts feels Gambino is not acknowledging his skills. However, he finds himself being attacked by Gambino as the man blames from for Shisu's death and the loss of his leg while admitting that he did sell Guts to Donovan. Devastated at these revelations, Guts is forced to kill Gambino to defend himself as his adopted father calls out to Shisu before he causes the tent to be engulfed in flames. This alerting the rest of the mercenary group to the situation, believing Guts killed their leader in cold blood with the boy escaping the encampment by horse with the mercenaries pursuing him until he fell off a cliff and assumed he died. But Guts survived and, after fending off a wolf pack, was taken in by another wandering group of mercenaries who are in need of another soldier in their ranks.

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Name: Oga
Age: 17
Height: 6'0
Weight: 180 lbs
Profession: thief


Illusion magic

A book of spells he obtained from a dying mage that taught him how blend into the darkness in order to bring in more money to their house through his thief career. He can give the illusion of being another person, a projection of himself and others and blend into the darkness

Poison tipped daggers (Ivy and aloe)

The daggers were given to him by the same mage but the mage planted a curse on them that coated them in poison, one that deteriorates the body(Ivy) and another poison which deteriorates mind (Aloe)

Enchanted thieves robes

They were also granted by the mage and enchanted to, when worn correctly, to muffle your movement, silence your breathing, conceal your face, and grants you thermal and night vision


Growing up as a pauper he had to beg and steal until he reached the age of 7 he was taken in by a mage where she taught him slight magic in exchange for sexual and personal favors, as the years went on she became sicker and died leaving him with master thief skills while learning slight subduing martial arts... He now wanders alone...


Stealth attacks, deceit, confusion, manipulation, strategy, and trapping


Other people and sheer force
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