Do you need this domain name ?

Watched all stories.....
Totally exotic concept.... thanks google ....weldone...
Waiting impatiently for new stories.......

I am the technical director for FIVARS, the first Canadian Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories. Been trying to contact Google Spotlight Stories in a number of ways to discuss showcasing Pearl, and Help. If you are interested please let me know.

My email is jcellsworth at gmail dot com.

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I'm singing "OCP, yea you know me!"

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Why is Spotlight Stories not supported on the Moto X Pure Edition (3rd Gen)???
I just discovered the Moto X Pure 15 is not a supported device for Spotlight Stories. Somehow that just seems so very wrong.

I've experienced the HELP story on my friends phone, but I can't download it on my own (HTC M9). Download always fails after a certain %. I tried various Wi-Fis, and even used data. I also tried the "Force Close" trick, but to no avail. I have enough space.

Any other suggestions that might assist? Honestly I'm down to try anything. HELP was that good.

Problem with 'Duet' on my 2nd gen Moto g.

After totally failing to download 'Help', I tried something smaller - 'Duet'. This get as far a4s a butterfly which repeatedly loops from top left to screen centre and our the top of the screen. Sometimes it doesn't even get this far.

Now I find the file can't be deleted either.

Is there a Delete key somewhere?
Has anyone run 'stories' on a moto g successfully?
Is it worthwhile staying with this seemingly interesting app or just wait for v1.1?

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I was finally able to download the help story after reading some of the tips on here. I even watched it a minute or so. Now this morning all of my stories say your phone is not compatible! What the hell Google. This app has a mind of its own. Very frustrated!
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