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If you are going to create an RFP today what should be in it, how are the services packaged, Recovery objective capabilities, what are the range of RTO and RPO capabilities. Application and platform support, can the provider support your IT environment? We take a quick look to understand DR as a Service (DRaaS) offering.

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Here's how you can share heavy files online without any problem.

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How often you encounter backup exec errors? Here's how you can resolve some of the most common backup exec errors.

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How awful it would be if you lose all your important emails.!
Acronis cloud is unique in a way that it not only backup your data but also your emails.
Read to know more aboit it.

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Access your files anytime anywhere with Elephant drive!
Read to know more.

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How awful it will be if you suddenly lose all your data!
Here's how you can backup your mobile phone.

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Mega cloud allows you not only to share your files within your friends circle but also make it possible tk recover deleted files.

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How to Choose a Cloud Backup Service Provider

Data backup is a little like buying car insurance: Should you focus on an insurance company’s price and how easy it is to buy insurance? Or should you focus more on what might happen if you actually have an accident — when you really, really need the company’s support and a quick settlement? 

Ultimately it comes down to trust. Trust in the professionalism of the people advising you on data protection. Trust in the backup and restore processes. Trust in the hardware and software. 

Making the right choice is critical to your success. We have designed this resource to help you choose a cloud backup service provider that:
■ Meets your needs
■ Provides comfort in their level of support and is easy to work
■ Uses the right technology
■ Provides value beyond the software

Download this whitepaper to learn more.
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