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I'm very happy to announce the release of the GAF runtime for StageXL. With GAF you can export Adobe Flash animations to a platform independent binary format. Runtimes for many major 2D rendering frameworks are available. The advantage over the "Toolkit for Dart" is that GAF exports pretty much everything you can do in Flash. Another advantage is that you can expect superior performance compared to the Toolkit for Dart.

All the features of GAF are supported. The runtime follows the API of the AS3 runtime but a lot of refactorings and optimizations were added. Since this is a first release i hope to get a lot of feature requests and hopefully not so much bug reports :)

We are getting closer to the 1.0 release of StageXL which causes some final cleanups. With StageXL 0.13.3 we moved the 'Toolkit for Dart' related code to a dedicated GitHub repository and Pub package. Please update your pubspec.yaml file and your imports to include the new "stagexl_toolkit" package from Pub.

We are also working on an additional export from Flash to StageXL. Take a look at this demo:

StageXL will support the GAF format. Currently this new package is not available on Pub but you can give it a try by importing directly from GitHub. Learn more about it here:

Hello Phillippe,

There were some errors in the library, made by the toolkit for Dart for Flash CC 2015.
I have changed them to make them  agree with StageXL :
old: const _ease = TransitionFunction.custom;
new: const _ease = Transition.custom;

old:  String _strokeJoints = "miter";
      String _strokeCaps = "butt";

new:  JointStyle _strokeJoints = JointStyle.MITER;
      CapsStyle _strokeCaps = CapsStyle.NONE;
and beyond:
if (caps != null) {
      switch(caps) {
        case 0: _strokeCaps = CapsStyle.NONE; break;
        case 1: _strokeCaps = CapsStyle.ROUND; break;
        case 2: _strokeCaps = CapsStyle.SQUARE; break;
        default: _strokeCaps = CapsStyle.NONE; break;
    else _strokeCaps = CapsStyle.NONE;;
    if (joints != null) {
      switch(joints) {
        case 0: _strokeJoints = JointStyle.MITER; break;
        case 1: _strokeJoints = JointStyle.ROUND; break;
        case 2: _strokeJoints = JointStyle.BEVEL; break;
        default: _strokeJoints = JointStyle.MITER; break;
    else _strokeJoints = JointStyle.MITER;

old: var bmp = image.bitmapData;
new: var bmp = image.bitmapData.renderTextureQuad;

*Adobe Extension Manager issues*:

Recent releases of Flash Pro (soon to be called Animate) are not supported by Extension Manager. BTW Extension Manager is "end of life":

To install the extension now you must use the new command line tool:

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Toolkit for Dart updated to 0.6:
- new: support for exporting from HTML5 documents,
- new: warning when renaming an identifier to prevent name collision,
- fixed: exception when animation contains layer folders,
- fixed: incorrect auto-sizing of text elements.

Note: things should generally be backward-compatible but the text fixes may have subtle side effects.

Hello there!

Does Toolkit work with Flash CC 2015?
I don't see the Dart toolkit in Windows->Extensions any more after update even it's intalled. :(

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When I use toolkit for Dart, I have to change  some things to make it work in the Dart Editor:
in the myProgramLib.dart
I have to change
 ..addTextureAtlas("_atlas_0", "${basePath}images/_atlas_0.json", "json")
 ..addTextureAtlas("_atlas_0", "${basePath}images/_atlas_0.json", TextureAtlasFormat.JSON)

in index.dart
I have to change
import '../lib/myProgram.dart';
import 'package:myProgram/myProgram.dart';

Should I or could you do something about it?

How can I use Toolkit for Dart in Flash Professional CC 2014?

How can a use Toolkit for Dart in Flash Professional CC 2014?
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