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You may notice the major decrease in member. I just had to go through all 67 members and ball all but the remaining.

If I promote you, please ban the "!" accounts. They are spam accounts used to gain followers quickly by advertising women.

Also, remove non-role players or roleplayers that do not stand up to basic role playing standards.

Always allow new roleplayers. If they do not improve, then you may remove them.

Ban spammers and joke accounts also, please.

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{_"I'm a decent guy. Used to be a cop. Now I've got a crazy symbiote using me as a host. However hard I try to educate it, whatever I do to bring it up properly, it misbehaves. And it brings out the worst in me. It's destroying me. What do I do? What's the answer?"_}

II Name II
Patrick Mulligan


II Gender II

II Race II
Human/ Alien Symbiote [[he's kinda both now :/]]

II Occupation II
Police officer for the NYPD

II Personality* II
Despite having a wild killing machine attached to his very being, Mulligan seems ok with it. He is still a happy- go- lucky jokester who is a great family person.

II Relationships II
Gina Mulligan (wife)
Edward Mulligan (Son)
Jim Mulligan (father deceased)
unnamed in-laws
Tixon (Former Symbiote)

II Gear ll
Thanks to the young symbiote that has fused with his body, Mulligan has the power to control the "suit" apart from two hours at night but that's not important. He surpasses both Venom and Carnage in strength, sorry, and agility. He also can sense and pinpoint anyone, not just other symbiotes, plus the power to turn his limbs into different objects by Carnage and the use of the endless web, by Venom.

II Skills II
Before the suit came along, Mulligan seemed to do very well with a gun, so he may still have that skill as Toxin, though I doubt he'll even need it.

II Bio II goes a little more in depth about Toxin's backstory, but I'll write a few things out. Copy and paste the link in your search bar if it dosen't work.

Carnage, about to birth another symbiote, was threatened by its existence and attempted to destroy it. Venom, however, wanted to raise and train the new symbiote as an ally and partner. Weakened by the actual birthing, Carnage was unable to kill the newborn symbiote. Supplanting the symbiote in Patrick Mulligan, a New York City cop, it returned in later days[8]. Venom named the new symbiote Toxin, after himself. Carnage and Venom both knew that because of how powerful Toxin would become in time, and also since his host was a Police Officer, he would most likely be a Hero rather than a villain[7], because of this they made a temporary alliance so they could kill him, but in the end they were defeated. Pat still felt that being bonded with Toxin made him a threat to his wife and newborn son and left them without explanation until he felt he could control the symbiote.

II Weaknesses. II
Like all symbiotes, Toxin is naturally weakened by intense sounds and intense sonic waves – especially large fires of guns. For example, Spider-Man got the Venom symbiote off him using the intense sound of a church bell. Additionally, in some stories and games, (mostly mentioned in the 2000 Spider Man video game), they are also weakened by fire. However, as each new symbiote has spawned a child, a natural evolution seems to not only increase their strengths, but also reduce their weaknesses. Even already existing symbiotes can mutate and develop these resistances. Still, there has not been an invulnerable symbiote in mainstream continuity, because the newest breeds can be harmed by incredible amounts of sonic waves and heat. Also, in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, symbiotes are vulnerable to the heat produced by high voltage electricity

II Theme II
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Casually drops in out dated profile.
((So as I stated before, this is only a stand in until I finish writing the Bio, if people so desire, I'll add a shortened Bio that briefly covers Chris's backstory, his rping history, and current events))

((And I'm constantly editing the Master Profile based on arcs and rps where I've learned new skills or gained new weapons from allies))

((I've chosen not to tag people to make it easier for me to copy and past for future posting))

((If anything appears to be missing, I'll add it into the Google Doc, then in future updates, copy paste it as needed))

((I haven't covered everything, just everything I could recall, I'm certain I missed a bunch of fire and wind spells Chris can use...but meh...too tired...took an hour to type this into place))

((Noting Garnet's picture he sent me is a genderbend of that girl from that one anime...meh, I'll find that perfect Chris picture one day...))

II Name II
Christian Selphia(True Name)
Christian El Nagil (Adoptive Name)
Christian Adams (G.U.N. Database)

II Arcana II

II Alignment II
Social Good

II Species II
Human-Dragon Hybrid(Pre RETRO Genesis Wave)
Pureblooded Hybridic Dragon(Post Genesis Wave)

II Gender II

Several Centuries, Chris has only lived roughly 42 of those years, ten on Norad, 32 on Mobius. Physically he appears to be 25.

II Date of Birth II
September 5th, Noradic Calendar Year Unknown

II Height II
5’ 10-11”

II Weight II
156 Pounds

II Appearance II
Chris is average size for a male of his race, possessing tanned skin and brilliant green eyes, presumably from his mother. His firey red hair is kept short, to avoid being singed by the raw magic present in his sword. Chris generally is seen wearing a short sleeve shirt, jacket, and jeans, though his has been seen with a kneelength black trenchcoat. A pair of scabbards on his back carry the Dual Blades known as Rune Force. The jacket and trenchcoat appear to resist steel bladed weapons, perhaps due to an interwoven mess designed like Kevlar. This has not been determined for certain. While not generally visible, Chris has a pair of wings hidden behind his back, resembling an angel’s, but with green highlights.

II Known Relationships II
Miku Zatsune: Chris’s deceased wife, Chris and her were deeply in love, indicated by her coming to his rescue in Doleanna against the Egg-Cerberus, and his saving her from her evil twin. With her death at Vanessa’s hands, Chris nearly went insane due to grief, only being stabilized by his vengeance upon Vanessa, and Julie’s love.

Julie Brown: Chris’s current love, and fiance, despite Chris being much older than her, he seems more like a school kid than an adult around her. He risked his life rescuing her from Julian’s mad plans, and subsequently crafted her an Asuna like armor set. They were married on April 17, and have two children, Melody and Zachery.
[No Longer Canon Due to the RETRO firing]
[In the aftermath of the RETRO, it was revealed that Julie and Miku are the same person, they are now fused back together]

Cassendra Selphia: The physical form of Chris’s sword Rune Force, Cassendra and Chris have a slightly awkward/odd relationship, generally they know what the other is going to do in a fight. It could be said they are completely in sync, it’s also hinted at that they might be able to form a type of telepathy, due to their unique connection. Certainly they crack up a lot, though Cassendra is constantly pushing her former owner to better himself, all in the name of friendship.
[No Longer Canon Due to the RETRO firing]
[Cassendra’s fate is unknown, while the RETRO did not erase Chris’s battle with Julian and the Code Black Mech, it is unknown what happened to her]

Julian Robotnik: Chris and Julian have a love hate relationship, Chris admires the Doctor’s brilliance, even calling him father on occasion, lending credence to the theory that Julian is the Mobian version of Chris’s father. Of course, he hates Julian for what he did to Hope and the other dragons, and wishes to avenge their deaths. Julian may be the closest Chris has to a true father, and they do get along, except when the battle lines get drawn, then things get ugly.

Ventuswill Selphia: Chris’s biological mother, Chris doesn't know her as well as his sister Invidia, and brother Carter did. He still loves her, even as he’s making remarks about her lack of powers, and her height. As her Native Dragon Successor, Chris has sworn to free his people, and rebuild the Dragon Civilization, with him as the King.

Mavros Drakos: Chris’s biological father, Chris detests him, for causing the entire collapse of the Dragon Civilization, and killing his elder sister. Due to being unable to get him, he takes out his anger on the Empire, even to the point of killing Julian, to lessen his hatred for his biological father. Despite this, he carries Tachyon Dragon as his chosen number card. Because Drakos was the former king, Chris is by birthright the King of Dragons.

Inividia Drakos: Chris’s elder sister, Chris idolizes her, to the point of becoming a warrior to honour her memory. Its suggested they have an Elsword Elesis type relationship, due to Chris having to fend for himself as a young boy.
[No Longer Canon Due to the RETRO firing]
[With Junko’s erasure, Invidia’s Mobius death is no longer canon, her fate remains unknown]

Siga Selphia: Chris’s right hand man, Siga is a distant cousin of his, he plans to make Siga his adviser upon taking back Norad from the Sechs Empire. And/Or after defeating Julian for the final time.

Junko Robotnik: Chris dislikes Junko, despite her forging Rune Force for him, they are bitter foes, being counterparts. This is also due to growing up with her, and her desire to supplant him as Norad’s leader. However, their fighting styles are polar opposites, Chris relies on his sword, while Junko is a magic user.
[No Longer Canon Due to the RETRO firing]
[With Junko being sent to White Space, and her subsequent birth in her true time line, that of the DR universe, caused massive repercussions across the Noradic, Mobian, and Arcadium Timelines]

Zero: As Chris’s surrogate nephew, Chris is rather fond of Zero, using his jokes and lightheartedness to drive Zero to be the serious one. Chris is actually serious, he just uses his joking nature to make Zero give his all, to make certain victory. That and he loves the expressions Zero makes.
[No Longer Canon Due to the RETRO firing]
[In the aftermath of Junko’s Erasure, Zero is now Chris’s son]

Carter Diesel/Selphia: Chris’s younger brother, the two have only recently met, they still have much to learn about each other.

Alice Glory: Chris’s “aunt”, Alice is one of the few people who recalls the events prior to the Genesis Wave, besides Chris, Makoto, and possibly Julian himself. Chris greatly respects his aunt, even if he won’t admit, as he desires to prove himself as a fighter. Besides that, they generally get along.

Shiro: For being polar opposites, the two get along quite well, even if Chris is the taller of the two. somehow they’ve ended up being the guys who run the Temple Labs, even if research constantly gets interrupted.

Alexander Selphia: Chris’s chosen heir, Chris is extremely close to his son, desiring to give his son a proper childhood, one without the constant threat of war. That grows more distant with each passing day.

Eirene Selphia: A reploid modeled after Chris and Miku’s deceased first child, Chris built her to be a lab assistant, entrusting her with most of his research. Its indicated he loves her dearly, nearly losing his life on several occasions to find a cure for the Maverick Virus.

Makoto Naegi: Chris adopted brother, the two tend to get along, both have been referred to as symbols of hope, however Chris sees himself as the better fighter. They’re also the clueless members of the family…

Fourteen “Hope” Dragoon(Hope Robotnik II): Chris’s technical half sister, the two have a love hate relationship, as in their initial encounter, she tried to kill him. For a time, they’re at least on speaking terms, though he hasn’t spoken to her since prior to the battle with Invidia. Perhaps due to her reminding him of his mother, he is constantly risking his life to keep her safe and/or happy, he treats her like a little sister, despite Julian trying to keep him away from her. He also desires to turn her to the light, though he knows if she does chose the Empire, he will give it his all when they clash. With Hope’s return to the surface, the battle lines have been drawn, only one will walk away in the clash of titans.

“One” Dragoon: Despite the two only meeting once, Chris holds a deep respect for the Elder Dragon, though he will protect Hope from One at any cost.

Oriana Drakos: As she was awoken from the dark portion of Chris’s soul, Chris is naturally distrustful of her, fearing she will lead him down the same path that led his father into madness. She was originally his number card.

Nikki Bυrαснrεsτ: Chris’s previously unnamed Apprentice, based on conversations between the two, and others, it’s suggested that Chris sees her as both a daughter, and a dear friend. Furthermore, its shown that like with Cassendra, it is possible they share a form of limited telepathy, permitting wordless communication.

Marisa Kirimasa: One of Chris’s battling partners, the two tend to joke around a lot, though one would be advised to be careful around their master class skill sets.

Vincent Bari: Chris’s mamado partner, the two couldn’t be more different, Chris is the jokester, while Vincent is deadly serious about everything. Despite this, they get along...most of the time.

Garnet Rose: One of Chris battling partners, Chris considers Garnet to be a little brother. He feeds Garnet his mother’s cookies, as a way of keeping in good favor.

Illyasviel Von Selphia: Created from DNA stolen from Chris, Illya is Chris’s little snow angel, that and he constantly has to keep tabs on her before she kills someone. He tends to leave her with Shiro’s child care services.
[Illya’s fate is unknown, having disappeared shortly after the RETRO fired]

Lin and Ren Selphia: The twins, Chris loves them dearly, even if Ren detests his father for an unknown reason.

Melody Selphia: Chris and Julie’s first child, Melody suffers from accelerated growth, appearing to be a toddler at the age of one month. Chris adores her, even if he hasn’t been around her much.

Kiku Juon: Chris's eldest living child, Chris calls her his little princess, he seems to actually spoil her a lot.

Gael Onstrum: Chris’s monster hunting friend, Chris has since taken Gael on as a student in the Rune Arts.

Iris: Chris’s surrogate younger sister, Chris is rather fond of her, though with his revelations concerning the RETRO, she seems to distrust him.

Lagil El Nagil: Chris’s adoptive father for Mobius, Chris believed him to be dead, until a chance encounter at the Temple brought him and Lulu back into his life. He tends to act the part of a kid around his adoptive parents.

Lulu Fortune/El Nagil: Chris’s adoptive mother, she’s the one who taught him the Mobian tongue, and renewed his passion for history, he uses magic to honour her memory. She is the closest thing he has to a real mother, as Ventuswill clearly lacks that in the parenting area.

Thirteen Dragoon: Hope’s mother, Chris knows next to nothing about her, but he desires to restore her to life, and reunite her with Hope, out of a belief that doing so will convince Hope he’s the good guy, not Julian.

Pokemon Team Mates: Chris treats his pokemon as family, not merely as battling units. Each pokemon on his team serves a specific purpose, to maximize their success in battle.

{More to be added via Master Profile}

II Personality II
In idle conversation, Chris comes across as a bit of a jokester, seemingly never to take threats seriously. In reality, the real Chris is a deadly serious man, who uses jokes and his words to effect the situation, turning it to his advantage. despite being actually serious, he’s very kind and loving, wishing to be a good father to his children. His heart is such that he takes in strays, animals or people. He also tends to be distrustful at first, opening up over time. His code of honour is such that he will put his life on the line every time he’s in a fight, no matter who he’s up again, be it Julian or someone else. Like Makoto, he displays a great deal of hope about the future.

Following the revelation that he might very be the son of the Egg-Emperor, Chris’s personality has shifted slightly, showing a darker side of him previously locked away. He becomes more brutal in combat, to the point where he struck down a defenseless Julian, albeit having guilt on his mind later. However, he tends to display this side of him rarely, and generally around the Doctor.

II Equipment II
Rune Force: A pair of swords forged 15 years previously by Junko, while still Ryouko, as a gift to her adopted brother. The sword blades are composed of a Dragon Stone and Rune Crystal matrix, boosting Chris’s magical prowess immensely when holding one or both. The grips are molded to the contours of Chris’s hands, the scabbards are inlaid with Fire and Wind crystal, and Red and Green Core gems to increase his physical abilities even further. Chris can summon the blades through Rune Gates, long as he knows their last location. If Chris is killed, a fragment of his soul will become embedded in one of the swords, until he’s revived. Due to recent events, the blades gained the ability to project themselves, forming Cassendra and Eldridge.
[No Longer Canon Due to the RETRO firing]
[With Junko’s Erasure, Rune Force was created by Chris himself, Cassendra and Eldridge’s statuses are unknown currently]

Rune Coat: A trenchcoat developed by Chris to keep him warm at night and cool during the day. The actual fabric is a silk and leather mix, combined with a mesh of Rune Crystal, Fire Crystal, and Water Crystal to protect him against the elements. It also serves to hide his current equipped weapon from sight during idle moments. With the advent of spring, he’s discarded it in favor of normal Rune class armor, which hide under his clothes.

Rune Spheres of Spring(Wind) and Summer(Fire): Relics from prior the RETRO Genesis wave, these two orbs grant Chris greater mastery over Wind magic, and the ability to use Fire Magic. They appear to be about the same size as a Chaos Emerald. Chris received the Summer Sphere from Alice following the Genesis Wave, originally finding the orb in Shamar’s Gaia Temple. The Wind Sphere belonged to Frey, and ended up in Julian’s hands after the Genesis wave, being embedded in Napalm Man’s chest.
[No Longer Canon Due to the RETRO firing]
[The original seasonal Spheres are listed as scattered, presumably due to Junko’s Erasure.]
[The Original Sphere of Winter is in Drakos Possession, Two are in the possession of Taiga, and the fourth’s location is unknown]
[Chris’s current spheres are based on manuscripts detailing the Rune Sphere development, but lack the final ingredients to make them on par with the RF4 Rune Spheres. Possible ingredients include Native Dragon drops, or shards of the original Spheres, gained from Ragnarok: Sharance Maze Rematch]

Legion: A trident where the side prongs floated separately, Chris picked this weapon up from a vault in Norad, according to its weapon lore, it was used during the Civil War of Norad originally. Its believed to contain the soul of its last owner.
[No Longer Canon Due to the RETRO firing]
[Following Nikki’s introduction, it is revealed that the weapon, while possibly used in the Civil War, actually belonged to Nikki]

Ignis and Mirror Shield: A fire short sword, Ignis was Chris’s first weapon, belonging to his elder sister originally. Mirror Shield’s name comes from its ability to reflect most attacks, it was a gift from his father.

Assault Mode Armor: Magical Armor based on Stardust Dragon’s Assault form, Chris can summon this suit of armor via a command spell. The armor acts to boost Chris offensive and defensive abilities by nearly half his normal amount. This comes at a cost of increased energy consumption, in fact Chris joking calls it his Super Chris form. The only difference between his armor and the canon armor is the lack of wing armor, everything else is present. Its presumed he used materials similar to the Code Red and Black mechs in its construction.
[Associated Abilities: Energy Absorbion, Dual Rune Force, Heaven’s Gate Formation]
[Energy taken in is fed directly to the cells in Chris’s body, most of which is used to keep powering the armor]

Rail Pistols: A pair of rail guns in the form of pistols, Chris has carried them as his last resort weapon in a fight. They were designed nearly 15 years before the current day, like Rune Force, though not by Junko. It is unknown if they have a human form.

Dragon Stone: A seemingly innocent bluish green stone, it is actually Chris’s means of changing forms, accessed via a command spell. Chris can turn into Stardust Dragon, Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode, and Majestic Star Dragon for combat currently. For stealth and scouting, Chris has Stardust Xialong and Debris Dragon respectively.

Number 107 Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon: Chris’s key card, and signature number, originally belong to his father, Chris wishes to restore the card to the light, while struggling with the lure of power.

Rune Canisters: Similar to Zero’s subtanks, or the Chao Drives, Chris carries devices filled with Rune Energy, for the express purpose of restoring his mana pool during battle. Generally he is limited to two.

Fists of Fire: Magical glove weapons, Chris uses these in place of his swords when they prove to be ineffective. What they do is simple, they encase Chris’s hands in flames, hence the name.

Full-Metal: A bring given to Chris by Bio, Chris has never actually used it, preferring to trust his sword than a random rock.

Persona: Chris has a persona, Kohyru, despite being the Star, like his bring, he doesn’t use it, unless he has to fight another Persona user. Cause he’s not the biggest fan of demons

II Skills II
As a rule of thumb, each skill is associated with a specific piece of gear, or are universal. Due to the nature of Chris’s multiple dragon forms, variants of the same attack will be condensed into one desc.

Air Cutter: Single Rune Force skill, Chris condenses wind magic into the blades, before unleashing a slash of razor sharp air. This tends to be his primary wind attack, capable of cutting apart most robots with ease.

Flame Saber: Single Rune Force skill, Chris condenses fire magic into his sword, before firing it off in an arc, like Air Cutter, its his primary Fire attack.

Gate Formation: Universal skill, Chris can open rifts in the fabric of time space, dubbed Rune Gates in Norad, allowing him to draw energy from the Forest of Beginnings, or to move himself and groups of people across large distances.

Gate Absorption: Gate Skill, by modifying the properties of a Rune Gate, Chris can catch an enemy magical attack, reversing the flight path a moment or two later.

Fire Storm: Dual Rune Force skill, Using high level fire magic, Chris can engulf a chosen target or area in intense fire, this attack generally forms a tornado type attack. Side effects include fire engulfing any wooden objects within twenty meters.

Tempest: Dual Rune Force skill, using high level wind magic, Chris can generate a massive storm, complete with lightning strikes, for about five minutes. However the lightning bolts have a chance to strike him.

FlashGate: Gate skill, similar to Cassendra’s Flash Step, Chris can move great distances in a relatively short time, however he primarily uses this skill to move objects to near terminal velocity. Generally he uses a ruby for this method.

Dragonic Shift: Dragon Stone skill, Chris activates the gem, and changes into the needed Dragon forme, based on battle. Once in a form, he can ascend further if the right conditions are in play.

Stardust(Shooting Star, Quasar) Stream of Destruction: Dragon Forme skill, Chris draws energy from his mana pool, condensing it into a beam of pure starlight, or some form of energy attack, before firing it from his mouth in a beam. Studies show its strong enough to blow up a Code Red Mech, though that was a prototype.

Majestic Strike: Dragon Forme skill, while in Majestic Star Dragon, by charging up energy, Chris gains the ability to ram opponents, based on existing data, its strong enough to pierce the Egg-Tower’s upper three floors.

Assault Mode Activate: Universal skill, when in his human and Stardust forms, Chris, by saying a word, can summon his Assault Mode armor, increasing his skills by a decent amount. This is one of the few times he can harness Rune Force’s full potential.

Dual Element Slash: Dual Rune Force Skill, by combining Air Cutter and Flame Saber, Chris can unleash a flurry of lightning fast strikes, steadily increasing his power the longer he is able to land hits.

Magic Absorption and Reflection: Assault Mode skill, when in effect, Chris can take in most energy types within a certain radius, and return it from the gem on his armor’s chest, or a fist.
[In order for this skill to work, Chris needs to be in physical contact with his opponent, or with their associated magic. He can also convert absorbed energy to Rune Essence, via the cells in his body]
[While the current upper limit is not known, its presumed to be equal to Julian’s boasts about the Code Black, which had a limit of Two Chaos Emeralds for an entire hour, higher levels are presumed to be possible via training]

Rune Fist: Universal skill, Chris condenses magical energy into his fist, before punching a target, in Assault Mode, he can match Zero punch for punch. Recoil is annoying however.

Tractor Shot: Rail Pistol Skill, using a bit of wind magic and nano technology, Chris can shoot a grappling hook like device from one of his pistols, allowing him to move around enclosed spaces swiftly.

Accel Boost(Ground/Air Boost.): Using Wind magic, Chris can temporarily boost his top speed past the 90MPH limit, risking major internal damage if he goes faster than 150MPH, top clocked speed is 120MPH.

Illusions: Universal Skill, Chris can generate projections of himself, or by bending light, hide himself from view. He prefers to use this skill to sneak past Julian’s forces.

Tachyon Drive: 107 skill, Chris can trigger this skill twice per day, a third time will leave him passed out before it even triggers, due to energy consumed. Upon triggering the skill, an Emp like effect occurs around him, to a radius of ten meters. This can be boosted by charging the skill up for longer.

Charmspeak(Noradic Variant): Rune Ability, a love class spell, Chris shares this ability with Julian and Hope, and possibly Tesla. Via infusing his words with a bit of magic, Chris can suggest things to most people of sound mind, and to the easily affected, he can pretty much do mind control. That latter bit however, is unlikely to occur to him. He also seems to hasveno clue he’s capable of this ability, despite the predominance of greeting spells and love potions in Norad.

Mediposion: Rune Ability, used to clean the body of poisons, this is one of the few water skills Chris knows, he considers it his most valuable skill when in the Empire’s desolate sectors.

Heal/Heal All: Rune Ability, a love class spell(s), Chris can restore damage taken, long as he still has Rune Points to draw on. He can also cast it on his teammates, though its weaker.

Escape: Universal skill, by lifting his arms above his head, Chris can teleport from one place to another, known as a “save point”, example, Egg-Tower Control room to Lobby. He can’t teleport long distances, he can only go one save location at a time. this is the single ability Chris has that doesn’t consume energy.

II Feats/Abilities II
Dragonic Heritage: Due to being the son of a Native Dragon and a Space Dragon, Chris boasts surprising strength for his size, his agility is also significantly high, permitting natural speeds of 60MPH, 90MPH due to training. His dragonic background can be glimpsed in several key places, the inside of his mouth, the scales under his skin, his ears, and wings. Presumably due to his unique background, he knows most if not all of the major dragon tongues, as he and One could converse at length without a translator.

Duel Monster Heritage: Being the son of a Stardust Dragon, Chris, if hit hard enough with an attakc, or hit enough times without having time to recover, will shatter into fragments, his soul shooting away to the Forest of Beginnings, where he will recover over time.
[Via Rune Force, Chris’s recovery rate can be accelerated, and depending on the nature of the attacks dealt to him, determine the average time needed to return home]

Enhanced Speed: Due to his intensive training a sword master, and his natural abilities, Chris speed has increased dramatically. While not as fast as say Shiro or Zero, Chris is fast enough to keep up with Julian’s mechs. 90MPH is his top speed, though higher speeds may be attained.

Flight: Using his wings, Chris can fly or glide for short periods of time, he needs his Dragon form for the sheer strength to fly higher than the top of the Temple. Besides, he has Rune Gates to get around fast.

Marksmanship: While coming from a middle ages era world, Chris has shown to be quite adept with the bow and gun. He does own a crossbow, but it is a family heirloom, given to him as a gift by a friend he met in Camelot.

Swordsmanship: Due to his training as a child, and more recently, Chris is rather skilled with most bladed weapons, though he prefers Rune Force’s feeling in his hand.

Space Flight: While in his Dragon Form, Chris can survive in space for up to an hour, though fighting cuts this time down dramatically. As a rule of thumb, Chris always sticks to land and air battles, detesting the darkness of interstellar space.

Regen: In line with his Earthmate background, Chris can recover swiftly from damage taken via spells such as Heal and Mediposion. Generally this ability extends to surface wounds only, he needs a Rune Well to restore lost limbs, only two known Rune Wells exist on Mobius, one in Tundra Cave, and one possibly in the Empire._

Energy Conversion: As a result of his Native Dragon heritage, Chris is able to convert various forms of magic into Rune Essence, though on a much more limited scale than that of Ventuswill. This can be seen as filtering or purifying the land, excess energy is generally radiated out, though in Assault Mode its shunted to form Rune Gates, and summon Monsters.

Under Construction.

II Confirmed Weaknesses or Disadvantages II
Water: Despite being able to swim, Chris suffers from an intense phobia of the ocean in his human form, as a child he used to believe the sea was full of monsters, mainly from reading way too many Goosebumps novels.

Chaos Energy: As an Earthmate, Chris is extremely weak to Chaos Energy, its been confirmed that being in the vicinity of a Chaos Emerald gives Chris a headache. This also has the upshot of allowing him to aid in the locating of an Emerald, though he still detests being around one.

Strong Scents: A side effect of being a Dragon, Chris’s sense of smell, while gaining him the ability to tell the difference between say a human and an elf by scent, has a downside of hurting him if he gets blasted with the right kind of scent. And like a cat, he’s actually affected by catnip, or the dragon version.

Loud Noises: Chris, while having a greater range of hearing than the average human being, does suffer from acute headaches in the presence of crowds, large groups of people, or just loud noises in general. This also makes it harder for him to fight in battle, though music doesn’t have this effect on him.

Machines/Reploids: Chris’s ability to fix Zero, and others of his kin, and his tendency to trust them, can be exploited, by creating a Reploid designed to make him lower his guard. And well, you get the picture.

Being called by his title or nicknames: Chris is extremely sensitive, he prefers to be call by his nickname of Chris, if one insults him or uses his title of Dragon King, he might lose his cool, and be easier to defeat.

Physical attacks: Chris is built to withstand magical strikes, and with Assault Mode, he can withstand nearly anything short of an explosion or anti-magic weaponry. However, normal Chris can’t take too many hits before shattering to the Forest, as evidenced in his battle with the Code Black Mech, where he got curbstomped.

II Themes II

Character Theme: Frame of Mind -
Secondary Character Theme: Cry of the Dragons -

Battle Theme(Vs. Hope and Empire): Clarity -

Battle Theme(Assault Mode Online): Trance -

Battle Theme(Dragon Forme) Grand Battle -
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This profile was not written by me, as it is midnight and I am tired. Please visit to view full profile+significant events

Real Name
Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark

"Shellhead," "Golden Avenger," "Tetsujin"; formerly Crimson Dynamo, Iron Knight, Hogan Potts, "Spare Parts Man"; impersonated Cobalt Man (Ralph Roberts)

Publicly Known


Place of Birth
Long Island, New York

First Appearance
Tales of Suspense #39 (1963)

Tales of Suspense #39 (1963)

Significant Issues
Red and gold armor debuted (Tales of Suspense #48, 1963); traveled to Camelot with Dr. Doom (Iron Man #149-150, 1981); succumbed to alcoholism (Iron Man #167-182, 1983-1984); Jim Rhodes became Iron Man (Iron Man #169-199, 1983-1985); Tony Stark returned as Iron Man in red & silver armor (Iron Man #200, 1985); fought Armor Wars against armored villains (Iron Man #225-231, 1987-1988); traveled to Camelot again with Doom (Iron Man #249-250, 1989); manipulated by Kearson DeWitt in "Armor Wars II" (Iron Man #258-266, 1990 -1991); James Rhodes took over as Iron Man (Iron Man #284, 1992); Tony Stark became Iron Man again (Iron Man #289, 1993); helped form Force Works (Force Works #1, 1994); time traveled with Dr. Doom (Iron Man #11, 1997); returned from Counter-Earth (Iron Man #1, 1998); revealed as member of Hell Fire Club (X-Men #73, 1998); armor became sentient, killed Whiplash (Iron Man #26-30, 2000); Ultron took control of armor (Iron Man #46-49, 2001-2002); became Secretary of Defense (Iron Man #73-78, 2003); infiltrated the Thunderbolts as Cobalt Man (Avengers/Thunderbolts #1-6, 2004); helped form new group of Avengers (New Avengers #1, 2005); became Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Civil War #7, 2007)
Adventurer, president emeritus of Stark Industries, founder of Maria Stark Foundation; formerly director of S.H.I.E.L.D., CEO of Stark Industries, Stark Solutions, Stark Enterprises, Circuits Maximus & Stark International, US Secretary of Defense, computer technician
Known Relatives
Howard Anthony Stark (father, deceased), Maria Collins Carbonell Stark (mother, deceased), Morgan Stark (cousin), Edward Stark (uncle, deceased), Isaac Stark, Sr., Isaac Stark, Jr. (ancestors, deceased)
Group Affiliation
Formerly Avengers, Initiative, Hellfire Club (outer circle), S.H.I.E.L.D., Illuminati, Thunderbolts, Force Works, Queen's Vengeance, Alcoholics Anonymous
Ph.D.s in physics and electrical engineering
Physical Attributes
6'1"; (in armor) 6'6"

225 lbs.; (in armor) 425 lbs.



None; Tony's body had been enhanced by the modified techno-organic virus, Extremis, but it is currently inaccessible and inoperable.
Tony has a genius level intellect that allows him to invent a wide range of sophisticated devices, specializing in advanced weapons and armor. He possesses a keen business mind.
The Iron Man armor includes Tony’s primary energy weapon, repulsor rays, a powerful particle beam which is standard equipment in the palms of his armor; the repulsor ray can repel physical and energy-based attacks, traveling as either a single stream or as a wide-field dispersal. The armor has also been outfitted with pulse bolts (extremely powerful plasma discharges which grow in strength as they seek their target), sonic generators, explosive shell projectiles, mini-missiles, magnetic field generators and a laser torch built into the finger of Tony’s gauntlet. The armor’s surface can generate an electric charge to dispel attackers.
Tony’s most recent armor is protected by an energy-draining shield which expands from the gauntlets, as well as a personal deflector shield. The armor grants Tony superhuman strength (lifting 100 tons at maximum power). Its Jet boots enable flight at Mach 8; he can also hover utilizing a localized gravity field. The armor’s internal air supply lasts more than one hour and can be sealed for travel through low oxygen, underwater or outer space environments. The armor also features a chronometer, radar, sonar, a magnometer, an atom-force microscope, photon, heat, motion and other sensor instruments. The armor contains a subspace/satellite radio communications array which receives local radio and video signals; the armor can also jam transmissions. The chest plate features the unibeam, a powerful searchlight that can project beams in virtually every light spectrum (visible, infrared and ultraviolet); it also features a laser beam projector, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) generator which can shut down electronic devices within a 50-yard radius, a scanning device that travels along energy waves emitted from the unibeam and a holographic generator.

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