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There sandy seems the golden sky
And golden seems the sandy plain.
No habitation meets the eye
Unless in the horizon rim,
Some halfway up the limestone wall,
That spot of black is not a stain
Or shadow, but a cavern hole,
Where someone used to climb and crawl
To rest from his besetting fears.
I see the callus on his soul
The disappearing last of him
And of his race starvation slim,
Oh years ago - ten thousand years.

~Robert Frost

Hope everyone had a great samhain! Wow where did time go this year! Much love my brothers and sisters! Have a great day everyone

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I shall remember when my days are few
The twilight on a narrow, winding road;
The slender silver moon that day's corrode
The star that lent its loveliness to you.
The arching of a dream across the years~
I shall remember with the slow-winged night
The shadow of your hair against the light
Of locust trees of Bloom with Forest tears.

I shall remember when my fires are low,
The way you looked at me; the words used;
The fragments of your hurry breath, till lo,
Through all the pain of love our spirits fused.
I shall remember when my fire cease
Your heart against my own for that was peace.

~Louis L'Amour

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Those Hills remember me, for I alone
Sought out their solitudes and Silent ways;
The harsh, forbidden Cliffs and Cannon maze
Recall each step I took, each path I've known;
No trees are there, but Barren butte and cone,
And empty aisles where long, lost Shadows glaze~
Or wind-worn moments that marked my days
With all the voiceless eloquence of stone.

If only I passed their fortitude,
Their are somber freedom from the Searing pain!
If only I could lose in solitude,
These hollow, useless hopes that still remain!
If only I could find my heart subdued,
And cease its sounding on that old refrain!

~Louis L'Amour

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They lightly tread on dancing feet
With elfin steps to lifting beat
Upon the level sand;
Where wind and wave contrive to meet
They race along, then stop, and go
To dodge the sea's returning flow~
They sale about on wings of snow
Above the silent strand.
Then stepping quickly, lightly trace
Queer hieroglyphs upon the face
Of dampened sand with fairy grace
Before the changing sea
Their fingered feet in signs grotesque
Step out there weaving arabesque
Or pose in manner picturesque
With somber gravity.
They balance through a queer quadrille
And we've strange patterns with their skill
Or call invoices loud and shrill
Above the ocean's roar
They light on rocks to primp and preen
And flirt in manner quite serene
Or float above the oceans green
Along the lonely Shore.
~Louis L'Amour

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Give me, O Night, a blessing
Of peace, and handful of stars~
Give me, O Dawn, a beginning,
New life, and healing of scars;
Give me, O Day a freshening
Of spirits, and warmth in the sun
Give me, O Earth, of thy bounty,
Strength for the task I've begun.
Leave Me, O Night, of your stillness
A calm for my inward soul~
Leave me a breath of your darkness
To cool me, and keep me whole;
Leave me the wind in the willows
The roll of the surf and the sea~
Leave me, Beloved, by memories
Of dreams you have given to me.

~Louis L'Amour

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This is my "Miss Kitty"...and yes her foot is in that bowl...????

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The Stars unveil
As clouds regale
Themselves with flight,
The moon, a moth
Whom loves betroth
Two summers night.

The Trees of Fringe
That Darkly cringe
Along the sky;
And I, alone,
Regret I've known
That love can die.

The hours found deep,
I cannot sleep
For love is gone;
The stars remain
To mourn my pain
Or greet the dawn.

~Louis L'Amour

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My lil alter protector ! His name is merlin and he is my buddy

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Faintly, along the shadowed shores of night
I saw a Wilderness of stars is that flamed
And fluttered as they climbed or sank, and shamed
The crutching dark with shyly twinkling  light;
I saw them there, old fragments quaintly bright,
And wondered at their presents there unclaimed,
Then thought, perhaps, that they were dreams unnamed,
Instated slow, like hopes arrested flight.

Or vanished suddenly, like futile fears~
And somewhere old one like precious things
That youth preserves against in encroaching years
Some disappeared like songs that no man sings,
But one remains-an ember in the dark~
I crouched alone, and blew upon the spark.

~Louis L'Amour
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