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The Mystic Warrior Guru Padmasambhava
Spirit Police, Buddhist Mysticism, Guru Principle, And Wrathful Guardian Angels

The Lotus Born Guru Padmasambhava is one of the most important practices in Tibetan Buddhism. Guru yoga is of primary importance in Tibetan Buddhism because lineage transmission and maintaining the inner connection with the lineage and gurus are the wellsprings of the practice.

What many people do not know is that there are wrathful or fierce aspects or expressions of Guru Padmasambhava. Wrathful Buddhist deities and wrathful guru yogas are now manifesting in the West as powerful means of addressing upheaval and negativity on all levels.

Wrathful deities actively purify and transform the energies of both inner and outer negativity and disharmony when authentically practiced. This kind of deity yoga is called a dharmapala practice. It is central to the inner work of a spiritual warrior.

There are many diverse kinds of dharmapalas, the Protectors Of The Way.
Several of the main general Buddhist protectors are Vajrapani, Mahakala, Yamantaka, Hayagriva, Ekajati, Sri Devi ( Palden Lhamo ) and Vajrakilaya.
In shamanic anthropological terms these are all categorized as 'Spirit Police'.

The practices of these protectors can look very different from each other. But all are employed for the same basic reasons. These are
To develop inner courage and spiritual strength;
To overcome obstacles to life and outer aggression;
To resolve psychic issues and spirit harm;
To remove mistakes and transgressions in mystic Buddhist practice;
To protect the Buddhist teachings and communities.
Sometimes they are used for combat magic.

Each Buddhist lineage or type of practice has a specific dharmapala or set of dharmapalas.
For both the Medicine Buddha practice and for Shao Lin Monastery and Kung Fu, the specific protector is Vajrapani, who is very well known.

Some major protectors are not well known in the general Great Way / Mahayana community, and wrathful aspects of Guru Padmasambhava have been mostly unknown and not much practiced, until fairly recently.

My own tantric Buddhist practice emphasizes wrathful deity yoga, Guru Padmasambhava, and wrathful Guru Padmasambhava.

There are several very powerful and important forms of wrathful Guru Padmasambhava. This article focuses on the form known as Dorje Drollo.

The Great Protector Dorje Drollo: Wrathful Guru Padmasambhava Practice
Guru Dorje Drollo / Guru Khrodha Lokottara And The Eight Manifestations Of Padmasambhava

Keywords: Buddhist Mysticism, Patronus Charm, Protector Practice, Guru Yoga, Guru Padmasambhava, Eight Aspects Of Padmasambhava, Tibetan Buddhism, Early Translation School / Nyingma, Vajrayana.

Dorje Drollo is a high and powerful form of Padmasambhava practice.
The Lotus Born Guru Padmasambhava is the great mystic and yogi who established the esoteric tantric Buddhist doctrine and practice in Tibet.

Dorje Drollo is classed as both a Protector Of The Law ( guardian angel, dharmapala ) and as a guru yoga, a primary connection to the lineage of tantric transmission. Both are of extremely high importance in the esoteric Buddhist practice of Buddhatantra.
Tantra develops and builds from the general path of Great Way / Mahayana Buddhism, which emphasizes altruism and universal service.
This specific practice emphasizes the development of power and protection.

Dorje Drollo practice is a tantric practice for removing all obstacles and negativity both outer and inner using forceful mantra.
This practice transforms and purifies ignorance, grasping, and anger and develops spiritual strength.
It also directly and powerfully handles all classes of spirits and all types of psychic provocations.
It is a high and major practice of spiritual warriorship. It is for smashing negativity and darkness and criminality.

This is a primary practice for times of upheaval and instability.
Dorje Drollo can be given as a Great Perfection / Dzogchen empowerment. As such it is a direct means of accomplishing pure awareness when one has these methods.
This is a most excellent protector and guru yoga practice for Great Perfection primordial awareness yoga.

Venerable Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche:

"According to both Buddha and the Guru Padmasambhava, this degenerative era is characterized by strong forms of desire and anger.
These are the major obstacles confronting practitioners nowadays. Dorje Drolo is the emanation related to the transformation of these situations.

"Of course anger and attachment existed in ancient times as well, but they pervade the modern world in a deeper way. People's minds are continually disturbed and upset due to their influence, which give rise to even more emotional problems.

"Dorje Drolo is the best practice for removing mental and emotional obstacles. Guru Rinpoche appeared in this form to liberate sentient beings from anger and attachment.
. . .
Dorje Drolo is a very special and powerful influence to help clear away and dispel complex loops of mental and emotional obstacles.
People who are aware of feeling mentally unstable or unhappy for no apparent reason would do well to practice on Dorje Drolo.

"Even though everything is together, sometimes the mind doesn't feel comfortable, relaxed or at peace. This is when such practice is really relevant. When there are unsettled feelings, it is particularly useful to meditate on Dorje Drolo. This will help calm and balance the mind."

This is the eighth and final Padmasambhava practice from the cycle Eight Forms Of Guru Padmasambhava.

The Eight Manifestations Of Guru Padmasambhava
by The Venerable Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche

Dorje Drollo empowerment and practice always includes Diamond Dagger / Vajrakilaya, the wrathful form of Amitabha known as Hayagriva, and the wrathful form of Manjusri known as Yamantaka.
This is a very comprehensive practice and it confers numerous major practice authorizations.

This empowerment always includes several peaceful forms of Padmasambhava, in particular the very important Medicine Buddha Padmasambhava.
Doeje Drollo empowerment may also include Great Perfection Breakthru / Trekcho ( for which see book The Crystal And The Way Of Light ).

There are several forms of Dorje Drollo practice. I have received the Dudjom Dorje Drollo, the very rare Kusum Lingpa Dorje Drollo ( twice ), and the Great Fifth Dalai Lama Dorje Drollo/ Eightfold Padmasambhava from HH the Dalai Lama, plus the reading transmission / webcast by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.

The mantras for the Dudjom Dorje and Kusum Lingpa forms are All Accomplishing / Sarva Siddhi mantras. This means they accomplish all mandala activities, which are Purification, Enrichment, Magnetization, and Destruction.

The Dudjom Dorje Drollo is a sophisticated practice text which includes a "zir ngag" piercing mantra ( extension ) for slaying bad guys.

Düddul Wangdrak Dorje Drolö

Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche:
"The wrathful practice of Dorje Drolö is critically important in pacifying all the negative circumstances that we face in today's world.
Since the whole spectrum of Buddhadharma teachings and its essence is love, compassion, and wisdom, this wrathful practice is not just the expression of some sort of ordinary rage; rather, it is the pinnacle practice of compassion and wisdom underlying the practice of Buddhadharma at its most profound level. "

Dorje Drollo has been a primary practice of several major gurus, including ( the previous ) HH Dudjom Rinpoche and HE Namkhai Drimed Rabjam.
Dudjom Rinpoche credits this practice with saving his life.
He emphasizes the importance of this specific practice in times of upheaval and criminality and social violence.

Practice of the main Dorje Drollo yoga is restricted to initiates.
However, the general and highly important Seven Line Prayer To Padmasambhava is open to all.
This also has strong protective power.
See the book White Lotus in the reference section.

"In the experience of great bliss fiercely blazing with wrathful power, maroon in colour, holding a vajra and kila, the two feet dancing expressively atop a tigress; homage to Dorje Drollo." (Nyingma Liturgical verse).

Guru Dorje Drolö (Tib. གུ་རུ་རྡོ་རྗེ་གྲོ་ལོད་, Wyl. gu ru rdo rje gro lod; Eng. 'Wild Wrathful Vajra') is one of the Eight Manifestations of Guru Rinpoche—Guru Rinpoche in wrathful form riding upon a pregnant tigress. He assumed this manifestation in Paro Taktsang in Bhutan in order to bring the local deities and guardians under his control.

The Light of Primordial Wisdom
An Instruction Manual for the Primordially Pure Perfection Stage of the Powerful & Wrathful Dorje Drolö, Conqueror of Demons
by Dudjom Rinpoche

The root text says:
For the profound stage of perfection,
Towards the red syllable HŪṂ at the heart,
Let the ‘spear’ of prāṇa-awareness be directed.

The root text says:
Māras, obstructing forces,
samaya-breaking demons, gyalpo, gongpo and the like—
All are merely appearances arising to the mind.

The root text says:
Empty clarity, the ultimate Dorje Drolö,
Is not to be sought anywhere but here
In this naked, self-arising awareness.
Great Lord, pervading all saṃsāra and nirvāṇa—
Certainty is reached in this great primordial nature.

The root text says:
Having entirely overcome all ordinary phenomena,
The glorious Heruka is made manifest.

Most Secret Single Syllable Hūṃ The Secret [Dorje Drolö] Sādhana of the Guru from the Most Profound Intention of the Sublime Dharma
By Padmasambhava Revealed by Rinchen Phüntshog

The transmission of Dorje Drollo is uncommon.
Much of the main power of this practice is conveyed by the practice of Diamond Dagger / Vajrakilaya, and by Hayagriva, and by Peaceful Padmasambhava.
All of these require tantric transmission.

Here is the activity recitation of Peaceful Padmasambhava:


This mantra is fully capable of performing both protection and combat magic, and stabilizing and resolving difficult situations.

Here is one version of the mantra of Eightfold Padmasambhava;

This mantra is almost unknown, but it is a short and complete Padmasambhava practice for all purposes. Since Dorje Drollo completes the set of Eight Aspects Of Padmasambhava, this Eightfold Padmasambhava mantra can be considered as part of Dorje Drollo.

A person fortunate enough to receive the empowerment of Dorje Drollo should definitely study the teachings and practices of Diamond Dagger / Vajrakilaya, and obtain and use the tantric ritual dagger, the phurba.

The great realized Tibetan mystic, the renunciate princess Yeshe Tsogyel, also practiced Dorje Drollo and she emphasized the practice of Diamond Dagger.

There are of course many major protector practices in both the Old School and New Schools of Tibetan Buddhism. A major and indeed foremost example is Mahakala.
It is not necessary to obtain more than one major protector practice, but all tantric practitioners should have one high level protector.


1) Primary reference text for practice in the lineage Of Guru Padmasambhava:
Dakini Teachings
by Padmasambhava (Author)
ISBN-10: 9627341363

This is a crucial summary of Great Way and Esoteric Buddhist principles. This single volume is worth more than a bookshelf of other Buddhist books. It is my primary reference and teaching manual as a tantric Buddhist guru.

The teachings are short and clear and translate well into modern English.
However, for many people new to esoteric Buddhism this would be challenging as a first book of Buddhist teaching.

2) White Lotus by Mipham. This is a profound teaching on the Seven Line Prayer to Padmasambhava and includes a short section on Dzogchen.

White Lotus: An Explanation of the Seven-Line Prayer to Guru Padmasambhava Paperback – September 1, 2015
by Jamgon Mipham (Author), The Padmakara Translation Group (Translator)
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Shambhala (September 1, 2015)
ISBN-10: 1611802938

This book is indispensable for all Nyingma school practitioners and all who practice the Seven Line prayer, which is a standard part of many deity yoga practices. This is one of the most important of all Tibetan prayers and one of the most important of all Buddhist prayers.

3) Foundational text for Old School / Nyingma practice:
Tantric Practice In Nyingma
By Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche
ISBN-10: 0937938149

This is the short summary introduction to Old School / Nyingma philosophy and practice. It is an excellent and clear explanation given in North America by the great scholar-master Khetsun Sangpo and the translation by Dr. Jeffrey Hopkins is superb.

Thangka credit:
Padmasambhava- Dorje Drolo (Masterworks). Padmasambhava - 8 Forms, Dorje Drolo (item no. 51415291)

[ For educational purposes only. All legal rights remain with copyright owner. No infringement intended. ]


Dedication Prayer of HH Dudjom Rinpoche

at this very instant, for all the people and nations of Earth,

Let not even the words "disease," 'famine," "war" and "suffering" be heard,

But may virtue, merit, wealth and plenty increase

And auspiciousness and well-being ever abound.

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Perception is key to shifting to higher dimensions. Turning to yourself to sort out the internal confusion will lead you to your truth that is patiently waiting within to be discovered and thus, this will reward you with experiencing the higher realms of Love and Light.

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