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Hello Folks! We just launched the Chrome Toolbox 2.0!  We've completely rewritten the database so that the reviews are community contributed.  We are starting fresh with new reviews, so help us out and write up your favorite tool!  

New reviews are posted automatically after a few minutes. We've also made searching the database easier with the filterable table linked below.

We'd also love feedback - let us know what you think and if we can make it better!

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Learn how to fix chrome’s ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR by reading this article 

Hi all -

We have some students using chromebooks for AT. Teachers want students to be able to use the camera on their chromebook to take a picture of worksheets so that they can then edit them using Kami. So far I am not impressed with any extensions using the chromebook camera. If this were iPads, I'd use SnapType Pro... does anyone have any suggestions?

I am looking for a communication switch (like a BigMack) that works like Enabling Devices Jumbo Switch Latch Timer. I want to be able to have the student hold the switch down for a specified time before the message is heard. Any thoughts out there for where I might purchase one or a configuration to get the same result?

Hi Everyone,
Looking for some ideas.
We have a 13 year old boy who has limited vision, unable to communicate and uses a wheelchair. He is nearing the end of his life due to Batten's disease and we trying to continue to make school a great place to come for as long as we can. I am looking for ideas on tasks we could incorporate into his day. His hearing is a strength and he will reach for items when held out to him. He is tube fed and chokes on saliva, so taste activities are not an option but smell is. I have considered switch to control music but am unsure which switch, his arm control is limited. Thanks everyone.

Hi. I am interested in knowing if anyone has created a survey to give to teachers to find out about the effectiveness of Google ReadWrite. I know that it has been an amazing resource for many of our students with IEPs.

I just need some evidence that demonstrates student growth.

Hi everyone,

I have a teacher who is looking for AT supports for writing for a student with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Deficits are in fine motor, articulation, vocabulary and organizational skills. Strengths are in reading, spelling and working memory.

Any suggestions?

Would appreciate any advice.

My visually impaired son has been using his new chrome book and really enjoying it.
However, when he closes a document and needs to find a new one that he has been working on, the icons on the desktop are too small for him to see so that his nose is practically on the screen.
What I would like to know is if anyone knows how he can save his work and be able to access it much easier or how to enlarge the icons on the desktop? Is that even possible?
I'm afraid that the computer is at school so I am unable to be more specific on what he sees on his home screen. Sorry!
Any information (on this and any other VI info) would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you in advance!

Things here have been rather quiet. I'm in need of some help for using handwriting on Google Doc app on an iPad. Here's the situation - std needs to use finger tip to write (keyboard too distracting, nonverbal std, won't use a stylist). I can't get handwriting recognition to work with Google Doc app on an iPad. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance!

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Hey, did you all know about this? We've been having a Twitter fight with Amazon about their deal to sell Kindle books to the NYC Dept of Ed because they are inaccessible. Then suddenly I see this--read down the page to Text-to-Speech. Can someone with a Kindle confirm this is true for me? Thanks.
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