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Hello Folks! We just launched the Chrome Toolbox 2.0!  We've completely rewritten the database so that the reviews are community contributed.  We are starting fresh with new reviews, so help us out and write up your favorite tool!  

New reviews are posted automatically after a few minutes. We've also made searching the database easier with the filterable table linked below.

We'd also love feedback - let us know what you think and if we can make it better!

Suggestions for editing tools for Google Docs - apps, extensions, add-ons,....go!
In advance, thanks!

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Hi all -

My teachers want a student to be able to manipulate a PDF using a Chromebook. Things like being able to cut out and rearrange a sequence of events.

Any thoughts?

What are your favorite FREE (for students) text to speech extensions? Thank you so much in advance:)

A query. Am looking to start a year 7 student with a physical disability on Co Writer Universal. I also think we need to introduce a switch/es to support his writing due to Muscular Dystrophy. Does Co Writer need to be switch friendly or am I assigning the switch to his MacBook Pro which means he can use it in Co Writer. Am considering the Blue 2 wireless switch. Hope this makes sense, I am still learning about accessibility and switch access.

Looking for ways to help our math teachers utilize Chromebooks when students have assistive tech Any ideas?

My staff are looking for a solid picture dictionary, word prediction, voice to type, and screen reader. Any out there aside from Read&Write? Ideally without a high cost attached?

Hi Everyone,
What do you suggest as a tool to learn to type more successfully for students aged 6- 10 years? I have been asked a few times by teachers lately. My thoughts are that if students have fine motor difficulties and you are planning on them typing instead of writing (at times) they will probably still be a slow typer. Thought I would ask anyway in case there is something out there I am unaware of to support students to be more effective typists. Looking for apps, web 2.0 tools, software... I don't mind.

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