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Team #17
Prachi Singh (2014075)
Pankaj kumar Anuragi (2014073)

90’s kids are so fond of the Pokemon series, because we grew up watching it. Pokmon’s are pretty much the fictional creatures who look a lot like animals, but have elemental powers as well, powers like the ability to control electricity, water, fire and even humans! Now a days Pokemon’s are gaining a lot of fame because of the release of the game Pokemon Go. We tried to recreate the memory of Pokemon’s in this project through an animated video created in 3ds max.

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Team #20.
Paurush Rathi 2014151
Yashdeep Singh 2014124
We have created a scene where spider-man petrols the new york city, senses danger with his superpowers and saves the innocent citizens from danger.

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Agam Singh Bajaj 2014006
Arushi Kumar 2014023

The Grand Carnival!
Aaayie Aaayie Aayie..

The video shows a carnival from first person view.

You enter our carnival and are given a GRAND WELCOME with the release of balloons to mark your entry.

We show you around our fountain place just like the first copy of Universal studios..

We then take you around to the ice cream parlor, because no carnival is a carnival without ice cream!

But wait, we still have the huge Ferris wheel to give you the best view in the house...the skyline in the background is a mesmerizing experience.

Let’s go next to the popcorn cart where we see them pop in live action.

It’s been a long day, we’ll take your leave now. Hope you visit us soon again :)

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Team 19
Siddhant Verma 2014102
Sarthak Madan

Dream Loop
A small horror animation about a person who is stuck between two nightmares.

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Team 8
Shubham Chauhan
Stuti Goel

Throwback to a popular daily soap

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Team - 2
Karan Barsiwal 2013047
Deepanshu Arora 2013032


The Trinity: The Fall Of The City

We have tried to portray the famous doom of the city scenes from movies like ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron” where sound effects and sudden change of camera angles along with effects like shaky camera have brought to life the soul of the animation.
The movie begins with an awesome aerial angle of the city,which we have modelled using box object. It seamlessly then introduces our character through the use of curved spline path where camera swirls around our character in the form of a helix slowly revealing his face.
The mysterious character fly off in abiss through buildings and sees the doomed state of the city. This movement is created by use complex spline paths along with linking the camera , object and the path.
He then lands heroically shaking the ground along with his fellow comrades which make the plot even more interesting. The mystery of the evil who is destroying the city is finally revealed when a big bald monster appears with a ground shaking thump.What happened next is still a mystery.

The effects like curve editor and look at constraint along target following cameras were helpful in creating this animation.

Models used
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