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If anyone wants templates, go to the Mod Corner and look there.

So uh question. Unless this community has already been mostly abandoned.

Anyone up for a Rp ?

I either need my mods to start getting active in the community, or I need people to submit reasons why they should be mods to me. +Vatani Bloodspark will be getting a free pass, as she has already told me why she will be inactive for now.

Boomer knew that the bio-hazired container had to be somewhere within the house. He looked all over for it and saw the sign of reinforced walls in the Master Bedroom. And it was there, and with a few more seconds before the end of prep he found all of the hostiles that was in his way.

(Open to any Defense operators)

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Operator Template

Full Name: Elias Kötz 
Callsign: Blitz
Age: 36
Nationality: German
Unit: GSG 9
Date Of Birth: April 2, 1980
Bio/Personal Note: Known for his tendency to use humor to diffuse stressful situations, Kötz is the first to rush a barricade and is always willing to place the team's safety over his own. He rejects the concept that his deeds are in any way heroic, as he feels it is his duty and will become self-effacing when met with overt praise. Also is a bad liar.

Load out
Primary Weapon (3 Max) : G52-Tactical Flash Shield
Secondary Weapon (2 Max) : P12
Primary Gadget: G52-Tactical Flash Shield
Secondary Gadget: Smoke Gernade, Breach Charge
Gadget Function: Battery powered flash shield fitted with three rows of mini flash bang grenades that provide as a non-lethal omni-directional blast of light sure to blind anyone in a close radius.

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"Listen up, soldiers", the lieutenant called." This is what we know: they have 22 footmen and 3 suicidal bombers. We don't know why they chose this spot to terrorize people. And speaking of people, everyone was shot and killed. Our primary job is to serve justice to these people and eliminate them all. Now get out there and do your job."

We have in the roster:
+syd vigue​​
Dr mayhem

Is someone able to explain the combat mechanics to me, please?

Map: Favelas
Time: 10:41 P.M.

Caveira was busy hiding behind some cover in a different area from the Biohazard Container. Checking the inside cameras for any kind of movement. Spotting movement, she moved quietly behind the lonely, unsuspecting Operator.

(Attacking Operator needed)
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