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Tim has been doing this during Rolling Thunder last year he was joined by 2 other Marines 

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Looks like my ride to Rolling Thunder XXVI is on hold for now. Sick bird he has been with me for 21 years and I am the only one that can give him treatments. Twice a day I have to get him out and treat his tumor. He won't get out for anybody else. 

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Starting to plan a trip to Rolling Thunder XXVI. Lots to do before I can make my break for a 1000 mile ride up to Washington DC. An other one will be checked off the bucket list 

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Bike Week 2013 riding Main Street taken with a GoPro Hero 3 white

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Mark off Bike Week 2013 from the list! Had a awesome time this year at Daytona, riding the loop, the Iron Horse Saloon, Main street, International Speedway, and all points in between. 

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Joy, joy, joy! Marking off Daytona Beach Bike Week from my bucket list made it to Daytona tonight. Be here for the next 12 days and riding back I hope in warmer weather. It was 37° when we left this morning 

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Getting ready to complete one of the items on my bucket list packing for Daytona Beach Bike Week 

So what's on your Bucket List? We are interested in what you want to do with your life!

Well I am finally going to get around to creating my personal bucket list for 2013. I will be adding to it as the days go by

1. Ride from Panama City Florida up the Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive, out to Cape Cod and up to through the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

2. Ride to Fanning Springs Florida along the gulf coast with a stop at Cedar Key and Carrabelle Florida

3. Go Camping at three rivers state park

4. Ride to Andersonville POW MIA National Memorial

5. Ride my motorcycle from Panama City Florida for the run the Wall on Memorial Day. (Rolling Thunder XXVI) Ride Skyline drive and Blue ridge parkway home

6. Go to Bike Week in Daytona Beach Florida and Camp for ten days

7. Learn how to edit videos

8. Get another Tattoo

9. Stop Smoking

10. Go camping and motorcycle trip to W. Virginia, Ride the West Virginia Mountains

11. Go camping and motorcycle trip to Arkansas

12. Take three over night motorcycle trips

13. Wear a Red Shirt every Friday in honor of our Warriors

14. Do more to help our Veterans and their families

15. Stop using Facebook and Twitter so much

16. Loose ten pounds

17. Ride my motorcycle fifteen thousand miles this year

18. Tour Italy
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