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Selena Marie Gomez
Demi Lavato
July 22 1996
Wizards of waverly place
Another Cinderella Story
Kiss and Tell
Selena Gomez and The Scene
Barney and Friends
Princess Protection Program
Actress and Singer
Yes, she is
Grande, Parire Texas

there we go good job to the people who tried

You think you know Selena Gomez, answer this quiz and on the next think I post I will tell you the answers.

Question 1
What is Selena's full name?

 Selena Ferey Gomez
 Selena Marie Gomez
 Selena Ray Gomez

Question 2
Who is Selena's BFF?

 Kristen Stewart
 Mile Cyrus
 Demi Lovato

Question 3
What is Selena's birth date?

 July 20 1992
 July 22 1992
 July 21 1992

Question 4
This famous actress stars in which famous TV show?

 Wizards Are Just Wizards
 Wizards Of My Place
 Wizards Of Waverly Place

Question 5
Who is this famous little girl?


Question 6
In which movie she starred as Mary with Drew Seely?

 Cinderella Story
 Princess Protection Program
 Another Cinderella Story

Question 7
What is the name of her debut album?

Kiss and Tell
Kiss Me
Falling Down

Question 8
What is the name of Selena Gomez's band?

Just Selena
Selena Gomez and the Scene
Fire and Ice

Question 9
When she was young, she was in which show?

Barney and Me
Barney and Friends
Barney and Friends Forever

Question 10
In which movie Selena Gomez was with Demi?

Princes and Me
Protecting the Princess
Princess Protection Program

Question 11
Selena Gomez is a _______

 Actress and singer
Question 12
Is Selene a brand ambassador of UNICEF?

 Yes, she is
 No, she can't be
Question 13
Where she was born? (This question is a little complicated)

 Grand Prairie, Texas
 Woodland Hills, Los Angeles
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