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1. No spam posts (resharing from the community back to it) unless reposted to rp with another member. Absolutely no chain posts (any post asking for reshares). Posts asking for likes or follows also fit into this category. No exceptions will be made to this rule and it will result in immediate ban.

2. No bullying outside of rp. Racisim will not be tolerated at all. Put downs to the LGBTQ community, religions (any or none) or nationalities will result in ban.

3. Make a profile before starting/joining rp using the template in the comments. You may add extra information to the profile if you wish, but a basic profile must include everything on the template. A photo is acceptable for appearance. A wikilink is acceptable for the bio of a canon character.

4. Links to 18+ fanfiction/fanart will be accepted, but "NSFW" and the contents (i.e. Homer x Marge) must be stated, but do not post direct 18+ content. Suggestive themes are allowed in rp, but use a timeskip if sexual acts will be described. You may also invite a member to 18+ rp in a pp, but if the other member disagrees, then don't force it. Offenses against this rule may be reported to a moderator in a pp.

5. Swearing is allowed as long as it is not directed toward another member. If someone asks you not to swear, then refrain from using swearwords in rp with that member.

6. You may invite your friends. This is encouraged. Do not invite anyone whose profile is completely or almost completely made of chain posts or 18+ material. They will be banned. Also, do not invite anyone who is part of criminal communities such as PCA. They will be reported and banned.

7. You may post fanfiction/fanart that is not your work. You do not necessarily have to credit the author/artist as many are unknown, but do not claim credit for work that is not yours. Edits are considered fanart.

8. You may advertise communities, collections and YouTube channels as long as they are Simpsons related. Simpsons merchandise may also be advertised. The moderators of the community and Google will not be responsible for any problems that may arise during or after a sale.

Have fun and enjoy your stay in Springfield.

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Name: Sideshow Mel
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Occupation: Current Sideshow of Krusty the Clown
Likes: Comedies and english folk
Dislikes: Being treated badly by Krusty
Bio: (I haven't watched many episodes of the Simpsons that he's in so here's all I can think of) He started working for Krusty after Bob was arrested. He did stop working for Krusty for a short time to work at a Taco place, but he soon returned.
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..Why are simpsons yellow?

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Name: Goldenna Nathenia Rose
Age: 10
Friends: Bart, Lisa, Cecil, Maggie, Homer, Marge, Lenny, Carl, Apu, Moe, Ralph, and Milhouse
Arch-nemesises: Mr. Burns, Sideshow Bob, and Nelson
Family: Fred Barns Rose (father), Haylee Grace Rose (mother), Josh Towel Rose (older brother), Marie Laser Rose (younger sister), and Amy Rose (cousin)
(I'm not sure what all I need so here's a start)

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Name: Krusty Krustofsky
Also Known As: Krusty the Clown
Likes: Stealing jokes, gambling, drinking, and smoking
Dislikes: Excutives, getting my show cancelled, and some other stuff that I forgot.
Occupation: Main star of "The Krusty Show"
Summarized history of my show: My show got started I believe in the 50's, I've had two Sideshows, Bob and Mel, I've been cancelled a few times, and everytime I've been able to fight and come back.

Name: Robert Underdunk Terwilliger Jr.
Also Known As: Sideshow Bob
Likes: Trying to kill Bart and the rest of his familly, classical music, and scheming
Dislikes: Bart Simpson, being put in prison, Krusty, Krusty branded products, Chief Clancy Wiggum, and Bart and/or another member of his family foiling his schemes
Occupations: Krusty's Sideshow (formally), mayor of Springfield (formally), leader of the construction team for Cecil's old dam (formally), mayor of Silsiccia (formally), owner of Wes Doobner's World Famous Family Style Rib Hut (formally), and chief scientest at Monsarno (formally)
My life so far: I was born in England, not long after I was born, my brother, Cecil was born, after me and Cecil became all grown up, we moved to Springfield, after a while, Cecil needed me to take him to Krusty's Sideshow Auditions, where I got the role of being Krusty's Sideshow. After being his Sideshow for many years, I framed Krusty for armed robbery at the Kwik-E-Mart to get back at him for how he treated me. I would have gotting away with it, if it wasn't for Bart. Not long after being put in prison, I joined the Prison Pen Pal program, I soon recieved a letter back from Bart's aunt Selma, me and her soon got married, if not for Bart, I would have gotting away with trying to kill her. Not long after that, I was released from prison yet again, this time I was out to kill Bart, but he had a plan to get me turned in, and it worked (lucky Bart). After being released for the third time, I ran for mayor of Springfield, I won by cheating, which thanks to Bart and his sister, Lisa, I was put in prison yet again. After that I tried to blow up Springfield with a nucleur device since Krusty didn't want to give in, but because I picked a bomb that was best by 1959, I failed, I then escaped with Bart, and me and him were going to kill Krusty, but using the Wright Brothers' plane was not a smart move, I was captured and put back in prison. After that, Reverend Lovejoy signed me up for the Work Release program, and my brother, Cecil wanted me to work for him, so I did, soon Cecil tried to frame me as well as flood Springfield, but he failed and both me and him (I shouldn't have got sent back to prison) went to prison. Not long after that, I learned that Krusty had wrote over all of the episodes of his show that starred me, I vowed to erase his future since he erased my past! I, wasn't going to be the one killing Krusty though, I wanted Bart to kill him since Krusty's his hero. But when it came to be the time of Krusty's retirement show or whatever he called it, I forget, I learned that he actually was ashamed of how he treated me. But Bart was still going to kill Krusty (unknowingly), because I couldn't reach him, luckily Mr. Teeny got to the bomb and used it on some exuctives, I was then sent back to prison. Not long afterwards I was chosen to help Homer figure out who his killer was, I soon figured out that it was his mechanic, Frank Grimes Jr., afterwards I was sent back to prison. Not long afterwards, I was released yet again, I then moved to Italy, I chose to stay in Silsiccia, after helping crush grapes with my feet for wine, I was elected mayor. Not long after I married Francesca, soon we had little Gino. When the Simpsons came into Silsiccia wanting someone to fix their car, I was shocked, I then told them I was a changed man. Not long afterwards, Lisa, who was drunk at the time, revealed to the citizens of Silsiccia that I was the homocidal maniac from Springfield, Sideshow Bob. Luckily Francesca was willing to stay with me, she and Gino were happy to help me get revenge on the Simpsons. Some time after that, me, Francesa, and Gino came to America, I soon opened up my resturaunt that I was going to use a commercial about to lure the Simpsons to me, which worked marvelously, but my plan to kill them didn't, I then was sent to court, and after a short time, Bart stole my nitrogleciren thinking was going to use it for something bad, when in all actuality it was for my rare heart condition, for my scheme of faking my own death, my father gave me medicine to cause me to fake my death. Not long after my funeral, me and the rest of my family were arrested for my faking my own death scheme. While in prison, I shared a cell with a man named Walt Warren, who was scheduled for early release, so I switched faces with him, when it came to be early release day, I claimed all of Walt's belongings as my own, I bought the house next to the Simpsons, pretended I was Walt for a while, and then I took Bart to Five Corners, where I would kill him, but my plan failed and I was sent back to prison. Not long after, the folks at Monsarno chose for me to be their test subjects for some experiments, after some time I became chief scientest. Soon enough, the Simpsons and I ran into each other yet again. I befriended young Lisa, we worked together for some time, I then took her to a museum, where I reveal my real reason for going there, after becoming angry by a woman, I went after Bart and Lisa, once we reached a dam, I was going to drop them off the dam, but their parents came and stopped me, after Lisa convinced me that genetically modifying myself was wrong, I realized that the only way out was a final one, so I tried to commit suicide, but I failed because I had giving myself gills.

Name: Cecil Underdunk Terwilliger
Likes: Clown related stuff and figuring out how to get out of my brother's shadow
Dislikes: My brother, Robert/Bob
Occupation: Leader of my previous dam (formally)
Summarized version of my life so far: I was born in England, after a while I auditioned to be Krusty's Sideshow, but Krusty chose my brother instead, after a while I began constucting a dam, I soon hired my brother, Robert/Bob to work for me, I mainly wanted to frame him and flood Springfield, but I failed, me and him got sent to prison, I also helped my brother try to pull off his fake his own death scheme alongside our mother, father, and his wife and son. But we got put in prison together.
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