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A Basic Income Would Upend America’s Work Ethic—and That’s a Good Thing:

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If We Can Afford Our Current Welfare System, We Can Afford Basic Income:

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Unemployment benefits availability in US at lowest level in history:

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Obama's Budget Proposes a Major Overhaul of Unemployment Insurance:

(A majority Republican Congress will make EUC reform an uncertainty)

#RenewUI #RenewEUC #ExtendUI #ReformUI #UI

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Can you find the difference in these Twitter posts by @SenateFloor?

U.S. Senate Floor @SenateFloor ·  Dec 12
#Senate to convene at 10:00 AM and will resume consideration of
#HR3979 (National Defense Authorization Act for #FY20

U.S. Senate Floor @SenateFloor ·  Dec 11
#FloorVote: Cloture on #HR3979: Emergency Unemployment
Compensation Extension Act of 2014: Vote: Cloture Motio...

Even if you believe Republicans and Democrats have equal blame in Federal EUC not being renewed, a Democrat Party majority in Congress, after the November 2014 Elections, would restore #RenewUI.

Is it possible Republicans receiving Federal monetary benefits are in denial of how they are being helped by the Democrat Party? 

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12 Mobile Apps That Will Help You Earn Extra Money:

Complete List of #RenewUI  resources:

#RenewUI organizations:

1) Activist Alliance For The Underemployed:
2) Unemployed Rising:
3) Activist Alliance for the Unemployed:
4) UnionizeLTU:
5) House Democrats Ways and Means Committee #RenewUI FB page:
6) #RenewUI Rally FB page:
7) Empowering People With A Voice:
8) "Help and Support each other during America's Job Crisis" #RenewUI FB page:
9) Voices of the #Unemployed:
10) Emergency #Unemployment Benefits - Story Archive:

Congressional contact and Bill tracking information:

1) OpenCongress:
2) Government Social Media Wiki:
3) USA Congress Twitter + Phone:
5) Senate contact list:
6) HR contact list:

Sources of financial help:


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For voting out #RenewUI  blocking Republicans in #Elections2014
DNC Announces ‘Arbor Project’; Next Generation Voter Registration Toolset |
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