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The i360 has opened in Brighton this week. Lots of people will be looking forward to taking a ride. A few people will be dreading it as they have a fear of heights.
If you want some free tips on overcoming fear of heights please read my blog on the subject.

Today I reserved this sad news that had been posted on the BHCTRF Brighton & Have City Tenants & Residents Forum The Green Councilors and some of Labour’s Councilors have unanimously voted to do away with HMCSC Housing Management Consultative Sub Committee – this committee is made up of tenants & Councilors from all party’s
To debate and deliberate on matters concerning all Council Tenants & Leaseholders of B&HCC where tenants & Leaseholders get to have there say and there vote upon any proposal the council bring to the board SADLY NO MORE so as titled:         

So SHUT UP folks!

Policy & Resources Committee have abolished Housing Management Consultative Sub Committee despite the votes by Conservative Cllrs Garry Peltzer Dunn, Geoffrey Theobald and Ann Norman to keep it.

All four Green councillors, Cllrs Jason Kitcat, Leo Littman, Sue Shanks and the Chair of Housing Cllr Randall and the two Labour Cllrs Warren Morgan and Les Hamilton voted in favour of Abolition. Cllr Lepper had left and did not vote on this Item.

So much for wanting to hear what we have to say!

I propose to bring the following Notice of Motion to City Assembly on the 10th May and urge you all to attend and lend your support.

This Assembly has no confidence in the Chair of Housing and Housing Management by Brighton & Hove City Council.

This Assembly requests the Minister for Communities and Local Government to order an independent investigation into the failure by Brighton & Hove City Council to deliver Value for Money, to an impact assessment and adhere to its own Equalities Policy by depriving the Tenant Disability Network, Sheltered Housing Action Group, High Rise Action Group and Leaseholders Action Group of representation in conjunction with other residents and failure to deliver proper Resident Inclusion by Housing Management.

I Berry Kent fully support this action towards B&HCC!
From day one of taking over B&H council the Greens have semantically tried to undermined and re-organize how the tenant run groups and tenant associations are operated working along side some council officers they have been trying to derail the tenant movement within B&H & slowly dissolve the joint decision making processes giving use less power over matters concerning all council tenants and Leaseholders.
It’s a SAD day for all Tenants & Leaseholders of Brighton & Hove Council for our right to deliberate and have our SAY on housing
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