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You open the door to the Adoption center, and a little bell rings as the door closes. You walk up to the counter, where I am standing. Welcome! Are you looking to adopt or donate a pet?
I listen closely and nod That's fine. Before you do so, though, be sure to read the rules on the about this community section! I point to a poster hanging on the wall Just so you don't get in any trouble.
Below, I have placed extra rules if necessary.

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Species: Fox

Gender: Female

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Species: rabbit

Gender: Male

May I please adopt a kitten or puppy?

Tramp lays down in his cage lonely. He kinda starts to whine because he hates being in cages. But at least he has some room, Tramp does have some fleas but not too bad. But he doesn't have a flea collar nor flea dip on him. You..


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I have to adoptable cos. First one is a luck dragon the animal is made from a wolf and a fluffy dragon.the second is a love dragon.

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Name: Tramp

Age: 8 years

Gender: male

Breed: about that i have no clue

Home: stray

Likes: food/Lady/everything

Dislikes: dog catcher.

:Walks into store:
Hello, may I have a kitty?

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Join ok guys and if anyone ask u if they can adopt u so stranger!

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My name is cookie please adopt me
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