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I think you guys are gonna get a kick outta this! XD

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For all you Harley Quinn fans, Some cool phone Wallpapers
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Thanks for letting me in the community! So, I'm guessing we talk about Harley Quinn and The Joker and post pictures of them, right? Also, I want to mention that even though I may not know every dang thing about Harley, I began to understand her. The reason why she laughs and smiles so much, she uses it to hide her emotions. Joker... I don't know. I mean he learned to have emotions through Harley from what I heard. Anyway, thanks for letting me join and check out this gorgeous Harley Quinn art!

Good Morning you Crazies

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Okie so 3 Harley's? Isn't that just confusing? 
Animated Photo

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Name Unknown
Nickname The Joker
Occupation Professional Criminal
Base Of Operations Gotham City
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Green
Height 6ft
Weight 160 lb

Weapons Gun's, Bombs, Tazer, You name it, I got it

Story Some may know me as a psychopath, And they would be right! Doing what i usually do, Killing people, Planting bombs, Playing Jokes.....One day that all changed when i met one man, Oh no not just any old man.....He call's himself The Batman! He is somebody that relates to me (And believe me i never thought that was possible) But apart from that all he does is get in the way!

My Relationship Oh where do i begin? She was so beautiful her name was Harleen Quinzell. She is now know as Harey Quinn, And she was an ordinary person just like you! And she fell in love with me, And i fell in love with her too.....And eventually i knocked some sense into her and now we spend our days Killing people and finding ways to defeat the Batman, And take over Gotham stinkin City!

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Name Harley Quinn
Nickname Sweets Joker calls me that only, Harl, Quinn
Old name Harleen. I then became Jokers sidekick
Age 21
Sexuality Straight
*Relationship status Puddin is my only man (Joker Needed)
Weight Odd question.. 100 lb.
Height 5'9".. also odd
Weapons 2 Guns. A baseball bat. Giant Hammer
Likes Tea. Guns. Red and Blue also green and pink. Climbing My tattoos, I have multiple mostly from boredom in jail
Dislikes people thinking I like Deadpool. God how I hate that and Batman my god he's more stupid then a brick
Bio Was sane at a point in time. Fell in love with a psychopath murderer, then became one myself 
Outfit Look at the damn photos
Weakness Being knocked out or shocked
Personality Insane. Happy most times or fakes it
Species Human
Job _Used to work as a psychiatrist but went insane, joined a circus then became Jokers girlfriend/sidekick and then got put in jail. Joker broke me out_
Quote: We're bad guys. It's what we do.
Alias: Harleen Quinn
Gender: Female obviously
Factions: Suicide Squad
Hair Color: Light blind with pink dyed on one bottom side and blue on the other
Eye Color:sky Blue
Equipment: Just my belt. Almost see though shirt. Really short shorts.. I wouldn't even call them that
Powers: None really
Abilities: idk I'm insane
Skills: Climbing fighting. Running
Base of Operations:
Alignment: The Joker. Deadshot. Boomerang. Diablo. Killer Croc. Flags. Well not so much flags..
Homeworld: Earth 
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May I just be me 

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Let's have some fun

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Hiya there Harley quinn nice to meet cha!!!! Thanks for the invite!!!
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