Health Tip:
Many people say that sodium is bad and that potassium is good. That is the case a couple times, but actually, having a stable amount of each one (almost equivalent to each other), nothing negative will really occur to your body. Now, I am not saying consume 20 grams of sodium and 20 grams of potassium each day (that would not be good), but make an attempt to lower your sodium intake to be equivalent to that of your potassium intake. This will affect your blood pressure a lot less violently then a high amount of sodium and a low amount of potassium.

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Health Tip:
The average maximum amount of daily sodium is 2.4 grams, or, if you are used to "mg", 2,400 milligrams. Of coarse, several factors debate on your recommended intake, such as race and blood pressure. Processed foods have the most; some of them have more than the maximum daily recommendation. So make sure you are interpreting some math into the amount of sodium you consume each day.

Formula for Body Mass Index (U.S. Customary System):
weight in lbs./ (height in inches (height in inches)) (703)

Body Mass Index Classifications/Categories

Underweight: BMI 0.00-18.49
Average Weight: BMI 18.50-24.99
Overweight: BMI 25.00-29.99
Obese (Obese Class 1): BMI 30.00-39.99
Morbid Obesity (Obese Class 2): 40.00+

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