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A seven-year rape investigation into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was dropped by Swedish prosecutors on Friday — but British police warned he still faced arrest.

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As you are aware recently there have been a few incidents of Hate crimes against immigrant communities (Kansas, Washington State, Oregon, and others).

In all across North America over 1000 hate crimes have been reported.
There are many initiatives to address this crisis.

North American Anti Hate Alliance would like to know your input on how best to address this rising epidemic.

there for Kaurs Singhs of North America Humbly requests "Please take this survey prepared by the North America Anti Hate Alliance".

Thank you

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Sacramento The Legend: BALLY SAGOO!!

**** Drink, Eat, Party, & REPEAT!! ****

Bally Sagoo LIVE @Sacramento!!

Friday, March 18th - 7:30PM Onward!!
Flamingo Palace Banquet Hall


#ballysagoosac, #sacdesi #sacbollywoodparty

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Press Conference on Hate Crimes against Sikh Community
Please accept this invite to a Press Conference on Recent Hate Crimes Against the Sikh Community.  
Thank you

Kaurs SInghs and XXXXXX is an experience that is spreading through USA Sports franchises, in recent years we have hosted:
Sikh Heritage nights with many NBA teams by which we have educated the sports fans about Sikh Culture and Heritage and Culture.
For the upcoming Sports season we are hosting Sikh Heritage NIghts with the following sports franchises
Kaurs Singhs and Kings
Kaurs Singhs and Pitsons
Kaurs Singhs and Stars
Kaurs Singhs and Cavaliers
Kaurs Singhs and Magic
Kaurs Singhs and New Jersey Devils
Kaurs Singhs and Bulls
Kaurs SInghs and Bucks
Kaurs Singhs and Pacers
Kaurs Singhs and Nuggets
Kaurs Singhs and Mavericks
Kaurs Singhs and Rockets
Kaurs Singhs and Hawks
Kaurs Singhs and Buccaneers
and others yet to be confirmed
These events are in partnership with National SIkh Campaign, Sikh Coalition, Not In Our Town, Local elected officials, gurdwaras and Community ledaers.
If you would like to participate and join in these exciting and entertaining sports events while reaching out and spreading the word about the SIkh Community please Join us.
For more information contact K3 International - or or
Thank you
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