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Quotes: Roses are red, Violets are blue, You keep messing with me, I'll murder you

Name: Jamie

Gender: Female

Nickname: Nightmare Jay

Species: Enderdemon

Likes: Destroying stuff, Killing, to make new friends,

Dislikes: Idfk

Zodiac sign: Leo

Hair color: Black

Eye Color: Purple


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||Quotes {More than three}||
”Being a demon is easy they said, It’s simple they said”
”What do you mean I’m dead?”
”Who ever said they better come out before I come in!”

||First Name||

||Middle Name||

||Last Name||

||Nicknames/Other Names||


Mary Chimara

Thomas Chimara

Evelyn Chimara


None Hates kids

Animal Fusion of a Scarf and Rabbit

His sister, and some humans that he feels are worthy of himself He has such a high ego, sheesh

||Leader: God Or Satan, Or are you human?||


||Sex {Gender}||

Asexual, But may change



||Mortal or Immortal||

||Personality {DESCRIPTIVE}||
He can be Caring at times, But normally he has a blank facial expression that he keeps to keep people out of his business. He also has a tendency to be greedy and Envious when he is left to think for himself and about others. He can often switch from personality to personality when emotional, so watch out


Turned Wolf Demon

”A backstory? What am I? A book! No! Fine, I’ll give you my stupid backstory. I was alive at one point before I died and somehow became a demon. I was an atheist at first, Until I died and turned into this thing. Kinda a sad death though, Car crash. Killed the others in the other car and myself. Though I don’t really regret it. I should, But I don’t. Can that be it? I don’t want to keep talking about this anymore. Ugh, Fine. I have a sibling that is still alive I believe, I see her every now and then. I had a dog when I was alive and now I have a new pet, What else, Hm. My parents are alive and yea, That’s about it for what I want to share with you. Now leave me alone”

Needles that he carries with him in a small backpack


Hair Color:
Black/Dark Brown

Eye Color:
Gold when in a normal form, and a light blue in his more demon form

Skin Tone:

”That’s a rude question don’t you think?”


Normal build

Clothing Choice:
Normally a hoodie and a simple pair of blue jeans

”Psh, Do I look like an angel to you!?”

Yes, Sworled goat horns

None sadly

||Powers 4 powers is the limit!||
Shift into a Wolf
Use shadows to do his bidding
Abilities of a wolf of course
Small fire magic

||Occupation {Job}||
Hired assassin When he’s not lazy

He’s a demon, Was hasnt he done?
Kidding, Anyway. He has a pretty clear record in the underworld
Though he has done, The worst thing ever! Underage drinking
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quote I worked to hard to become this powerful

Name I am Brandi AKA Mayomi

Age i can be any age but i mostly am 16

Personality I am sometimes hyper random and playful I am a very sweet, loving, caring and thoughtful person I am thankful for all my family and friends I am a cautious and protective person who will protect my family and friends no matter what

Sexuality i am straight

weapons I don't need a weapon I am my own weapon

powers to long a list to name them all I work to hard to become this powerful

Likes i like bad boys, gentlemen, hot baths,taking a long walk on the beach i like to test my power by battling I like adventure and i like sweets, I like being with my family and friends, being lovable and being adorable I like playing in the rain, cuddles and hugs

Dislikes I dislike bugs, being bored, others being mean and disrespectful I hate when other look down on others and I hate when people think and act like they are the best i dislike haters I dislike being alone or being abandoned

Species I am a demon but I can shipshape into anything I want like Fox's, wolves, cats and other people

bio I was a young Neko in the Maru clan with my Father Hiroshi and my mother Naomi we lived in a small house with the rest of the Maru clan. We lived in peace until one day my father obtain a secret source of power he had traveled miles and miles to get it from our caves.once the evil demons known as the yaku clan. they found out about the powerful source of power he had obtained they tried to steal it time after time so Hiroshi and Naomi thought it would be best to hide the secret source inside me so they sealed it away inside of me with a unbreakable legendary seal but one day I couldn't control it and most of our land was destroyed in the process.most of of our clan was killed by the demons and my dad was gone on a mission.during that time the demons realized what was doing on.they wanted me.they wanted to use the secret source for their selfs to destroy this world and they weren't going to let no one stand in their way so they tried to attack me and try to obtain it but my mother died trying to protect me.I was on my own about to die but suddenly my father appeared out of nowhere and killed the demons he saved me from the demons but to bad he couldn't save mother too.....He took me to go live with him in a safe place far away from the Yaku clan even now they try to steal the source it's my job to protect it since I'm a demon now I became their worst nightmare and one day I will discover what this power source is and I can finally use its full power to save the world!
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"Hello young ones, My Name is Cynder."
Name: Cynder Shadows
Gender: Femail
Age: unknown(Said to have lived for millions of years)
Race: Demon(Dragon)
Forms: Normal, corrupt, and Averial(Huge wolf, it's a full moon transformation)
Powers: Black magic, ki use, shapeshifting
Occupation: Queen of the Underworld, Goddess of Death and Terror
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Cynder appears in the Forest, her red pupils glowing brightly in the darkness

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NAME: Mathew Chimara
  age: 17
 Gender: Male
 Race: Wolf Demon
 Appearance: Brown/Black hair, Blue/Grey eyes, 5'6
  Personality: Suborn, Quiet, Curious, Hates to be ignored, and is Short tempered
 Weapon(s):  A Sword and a Different summons.
Abilities: He can summon some different demons. He also carries a sword that he is perfect at, And healing himself. Also has the abilities of a wolf, Like hearing, Smell, quickness, and Eyes
Likes: Mythical creatures, mythology , Reading, Writing, Music, And fighting.
 Dislikes: Water, Thunderstorm,  and most people.
  BIO: He acts like a normal human, Trying not to get too much attention so that people do not find out that he is a demon. He likes to keep to himself quite a bit. But has the tendency to get into arguments and argue with anybody. He doesn't really care for much at all, But is quite curious at times. He has a short temper and a smart mouth that gets him into trouble fast also, Just to be warned.

((Msg me if you want to Rp anytime. I'm usually on.))
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Species-Balrog(a great scourge of shadow and flame)
weapons-A fiery whip with many thongs,a blazing red sword and/or a black axe.

Alex uses training dummies to perfect his accuracy when using shadow darts; as he trained, he felt that someone is watching him (Open RP)

Walking up the stairs to the front door, Efri's ears twitch slightly as you walk up to her. She raises her head from her floating biology book and looks over, and her confused face turns to a smile knowing it's you walking up. She was always the friendly type. (OPEN RP)
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