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Happy April 5th Everybody.
I keep procrastinating on doing writing exercises.  The original point of this group was to motivate myself and hopefully others to do exercises and to share ideas and thoughts about how to write books.
I am making a pledge to start today.  We are a little late for the month's begining but I will pick a shoort book.
This month's book will be The NORTAV Method for Writers.  I read through it a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it and thought the concepts were good.  Now it is time to go back through and get serious about doing the work.
I think it is reasonable to say that anyone who wants to participate in this should read the first 2 chapters (37 pages) by the Saturday and post anything they find interesting.  
Next week we will begin reading the chapters with exercises and posting our examples.
Happy Reading and Happy Writing!!!

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Thank you for asking Harry, and these are the two links to my books. The second one is Mimi's Book Launch Plan and was written as a Thank You to my launch team. It tells you how to launch a book on Amazon successfully.
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The other book is called My Story of Survival and I share here how I lived on a ten-ingredient-only-diet for a period of five years and this helped me overcome and heal after medical emergencies.
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In the process of finishing a scifi novella.  Have two working titles.  Which one do you like better?
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I like what Harry Collier said. I am publishing 2 books at the moment on Amazon. One is called My Story of Survival and the other one is Mimi's Book Launch Plan which are my diary notes and 31-day countdown from publishing the first book. Would it be appropriate to post links here when they are available for free download?

I'm not 100% sure on what the purpose of the group is and what is and is not allowed.

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This book is all about communication. It's great! I love it! Get the book just to read about the 'Bone and the Question' and it is as if a light switch gets thrown about all intergenerational discussions and misunderstandings. Must read!

So this group has grown to 30 people and it seems like it is really time to add some structure and ideas on how it should be managed.
Initially it was a group to do How To Write Books together and share our exercises and critiques.  Is anyone interested in doing this?  We will pick a book about dialogue or description or whatever and work through it over two months time.  We can discuss the various things taught in the book and share our writing exercises for feedback.

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