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HELP PLEASE - Hollow Prims

Im using huge hollow prims in many buildings, sometimes in ring shape or square for doors but other times for an whole planet skyline

2 Questions for whomever may help

1 - Is it true that having worlds or moving avatars inside hollow prims, is more problematic in terms of performance ???

2 - In case that hollow prim is Phantom are all those inconveniences gone ?

The only option to this is making multi-prims objects but Im very disciplined in what comes to saving prims

Thanks in advance

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Please check the very common LK poseballs script for llListen()'s. There is a switch to disable the Listen, but the switch is always be on. Listens are not useful and this contribute to server side slowness. Pic below is unrelated, but it's a nice texture, isn't it? Taken at a retirement home near me.


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FIRESTORM LAG NOTES - Very objective and useful

Although I read a lot about Lag, I just learned there, for example, that particles do not cause SIM Lag, they only cause Client Side Lag, so if you use particles on your builds, individuals with worse computer graphics can reduce particle viewing and solve their computer LAG and all others will still enjoy the particles

Also removing scripts from particle emmiters will not stop the particles from flowing but will reduce the Script Side SIM Lag

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Fifth annual OpenSim hosting survey is up -- win a free VR headset!

Hey all -- the fifth annual hosting providers survey is up. Please pass the word!

This is NOT a grid survey -- we did that survey in October. This is a survey about the companies who can host your grid for you.

Here are last year's results:

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Good Practice - TEXTURES - FEW & LOW

Whenever you visit a place where texture are very diverse and high resolution your viewer will take much longer to load and specialy in an event, where many people show at once and there are many textures to reveal to all, the world will surely lag more

Have you noticed how long it takes to see it all, when you pop into a store filled with item vendors ???

Make sure you choose fine quality textures (seamless and appealing) but try to repeat them as much as you can and make sure their resolution is not bigger than needed


Texture Diversity
- If you have an resort with piers and bungalows, why not use the same texture for both, just changing colours or repetition size ??? If you have a city with patios and terraces, why not use the same texture for both ? If the textures have high quality no one will think your world is poor or ugly because of it, actually what all users care more about is performance and overall visual quality

Texture Size and Resolution
- If you need a texture for a huge sky or build, maybe a 512X512 is enough, only in few occasions you will need a 1024X1024 or bigger and if it is a small object most probably a 256X256 will be quite enough. Also the original image/photograph resolution may be turned from 300dpi into 72dpi - Most if not all digital gears (screens, tablets, projectors, phones, computer screens, etc) only deliver 72 dpi resolution from any image to your eyes and if you load your worlds and builds with higher resolution ones it will only make it slow and heavy to load WITHOUT ANY ADVANTAGE AT ALL

All of this consumes time but all of this GREATLY reflects in performance and enjoyment, so it is TIME WELL SPENT

Take care and let´s make better worlds


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Try to have as many phantom items in your worlds as you can. it will help the server and performance, avoiding physics calculations and obtect collisions (if they are moving)

Keep "non phantom" only and - exclusively only - whatever really needs to be

It is a pain staking task but one that your world, your users and your grid will very much benefit, by having much less lag - So you are the main beneficiary


House / Building
- Make it phantom and unlink it all, than turn non phantom only what is strictly necessary: floors, stairs, walls and doors - Even windows can be phantom if the walls around them already do the job of holding avatars inside or outside

Moving Stuff
- Anything that is in motion, even a simple circling seagull or fish, will bring much load into the server if it is non phantom, turn them all phantom and the difference in performance becomes astronomical

- I understand sometimes a sofa must be there and make the avatar going around to move inside the building but actually no one will stop enjoying your building equipments if all tables, chairs, sofas, lamps and fireplaces are phantom - Actually it will make moving inside tight spaces quite easier and a huge difference on the server overall

Trees / Landscape
- Prim terrains may need to be non phantom to be stepped upon, but many many trees and rocks and weeds can be phantom without making any difference to the practical using experience, only improving it greatly

All of this consumes time but all of this GREATLY reflects in performance and enjoyment, so it is TIME WELL SPENT

Take care and let´s make better worlds
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- What can be better in performance (server and viewer) for a huge hollow sphere, that works as an Planet surrounding atmosphere, to show movement of sky and clouds

1 - Inserting the desired sky/clouds texture and make the hollow sphere phantom but rotating ???

2 - Maintaining the hollow sphere phantom and still but script the desired inserted texture to flow ???

Many thanks in advance
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