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Nancy Horskey

Discussion  - 
I am trying to find a copy of "Fayette Facts", Volume 8 issue #4, pages 70-76 and pages 45-47. This contains documentation showing Polly/Mary Bone Causey is the daughter of William Bone and Polly/Mary Magby. Does anyone know where I can locate the original issue?
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Informative post: #genealogy #ancestry #ancestryhour #descendants Descendants of Thomas COOK 
Surnames and locations included are: ACHOR (Ohio), ADAMS (Ohio, Texas), ALLEN, BAHR, BALL (Indiana), BARKER (Kentucky, Ohio), BECK, BECRAFT, BISHOP, BOKENO,  BOWERS, BOYD, BREWER, BUCHANAN, BYRKETT (Ohio), CAINE (Indiana), CHANDLER (Louisiana, Indiana, Virginia) CHRISTY, CLARK (Ohio), CLIFFORD (Ohio, South Carolina), COLLINS, COOK/COOKE (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Florida), COWAN (Ohio), CRAWFORD (Ohio), CUNDIFF, DAVIDSON (Ohio), DARLING (Indiana, Nevada), DAVIS (Indiana), DEAN, DEEVERS, DEGRAFFENREID (Indiana), DENNEY (Ohio), DIEFENBACH, EDWARDS, FANNIN, GABBARD, GARCIA, GRAY (Ohio), HADLEY, HALLER (Ohio), HARRIS, HARTMAN, HEARL (Ohio, Alabama), HENRY (Wisconsin, Michigan), HERR (Ohio), HILL (Ohio), HUGHES (Ohio), JOHNS (Ohio, Georgia, Florida), JOHNSON, JONES, KOHR (Ohio), KUHLMANN (Minnesota, Ohio), LANGFORD, LAWTER, LINDSAY (Ohio), MANNING, MARRIOTT, MILLER (Kentucky, Ohio), MURPHY, NELSON (Indiana), OWSLEY (Ohio), POKORSKIE, PRATTEY, ROACH (Kentucky, Oregon, Indiana), SCOTT, SEIBOLD (Ohio), SEXTON (Ohio, Kentucky), SHARITS (Ohio), SHAW (Indiana), SHOPE (Kentucky), SLONE (Tennessee, Ohio), SMITH, SNIDER (Ohio), SPINNEY (Maine), ST JOHN (Indiana, Ohio), STACY, STEPP, STEVENS, STRICKLAND, SWALLOW (Ohio, Michigan), TAYLER (Ohio), TAYLOR (Ohio), TOUPS, WARDS, WEST, WHORTEN,  WILLIAMS (Maryland),  WILSON (Ohio), YOUNG (Ohio).
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The vast majority of my grandfather's ancestors were born in or migrated to Illinois. Currently I am researching information on my great grandmother's family. Her name was Jesse Shaw. Her mother was Mary E. Davis, daughter of William and Frances Davis of Windsor Township, Shelby Co. Illinois. I am attempting to locate either her father's family information (his name may have been John Shaw) or my great great grandmother's maiden name. William and Frances are shown on the 1860 census with two children, Cornelius D. b. 1855/6) and Mary E b. June 1858. In subsequent censuses through 1880 other children include Joseph H. b. 1861, James b. 10/1866, Samuel William b. 9/1869, John E. b. 2/1872, and Oliver b. 11/1878. In the 1880 census William Davis is no longer listed as head of household. I believe he died sometime between January 1878 and June 1880, although, I do not have any records of his death. Between 1880 and 1900 the family moved to Elk Prairie Township, Jefferson Co. This is the first record of my great grandmother I can find. At this time John is single, still living with his mother. Oliver has married, spouse's name Martha (b. April 1876, Illinois) and residing with his mother. James is also married living in a separate household with his wife Anne (b. April 1866, Ill.) and daughter Carrie (b. July 1876, Ill.). Anne's father was born in NC and mother in AL.  According to another researcher, Dean Hildreth, Anne's maiden name is Mason. She was born "Angelina Mason". Her parents are Charles and Sarah Ann (Williams) Mason. She had a twin sister Kate (given name, Nancy Mason), who later married John Davis. I do not know how accurate the information is regarding Ann and Kate. If anyone has any information on a marriage between Mary E. Davis and a Shaw between 1875-1878 (they had two more children, Edward Cooper Shaw b. 1879 and George Shaw b. unknown) or information about Frances Davis, b. April 1834 Kentucky, I would appreciate the assistance. 
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I found an obit for Mrs. Van Quinn (she died in Roxanna, IL.)
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Kathy Moss

Discussion  - 
I am looking for information on Daniel W. Stouffer (1824-1889) who moved to Ogle County from Washington County, Maryland.  He was married to Frances Susan Petrie (1832-1917).  Can anyone help?
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I am a genealogist with access to Mennonite records (through a University)
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Dan Warren

Discussion  - 
Good morning. I have hit a road block with an ancestor and was hoping that someone on here might be able to help me out. My 2nd great grandmother Mary Jones 1848-1924(not sure if the date of death is accurate), she was born in Wales, Somerset, England. She married William Edgar Church 1841-1917, who before living in Chicago, Cook County, was a Associate Supreme Court Justice in the Dakota Territory living in Deadwood. He then moved to Chicago to practice law and is buried in Graceland Cemetery. I was sent some information that my uncle had dug up that said that she was part of a distinguished Welsh family. I have a written account of the Church family from my grandmother Helen L. Church 1911-1995, that says she was adopted. I unfortunately, never got to meet anyone from the Church side of my family and have no other sources to tap there. Any help ob finding pictures or anything of Mary Jones would be greatly appreciated. 
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My email is also on my profile.
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Torey Parker

Discussion  - 
Is anyone else researching Johnson and Mayberry families in Green County/Madison County in the early 1800's?
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