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To anyone who has a request, please hold it until the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, or try to get it filled elsewhere; this community is shut down until November 18th. So sorry, but I have other things to do and the release of sun and moon will have me cloning my own pokemon so I will take orders then.


How to clone?? ( without a powwrsave)

Can someone clone my mew 3-4 times and my yveltal 2 times and my reshiram 1 time?

Friend Code: 1092 - 2176 - 2727

Can someone Clone my Meloetta or shiny diancie i dont know or it is poßsible but i can ask it :P

My powersaves is alive again so anyone who wants their pokemon cloned just leave a request in the cloning requests section. (only pokemon that can be traded can be cloned; if you generated a pokemon using the old QR code method, you're outta luck.)

Can someone clone my hoopa and arsues and shiny pokemon plz

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I have 10 different specimens that I require 12 clones of each. Cloner may keep original. List is including:
Event Arceus,
shiny Mew,
event Genesect,
regular Genesect,
event Victini, and more
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Does anyone here know how to clone Pokémon in Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire?

Who can clone here?
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