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Lil wayne  is leaving Cash money because bird man is not selling his album tyga is leaving young money and he dissed drake so it's crazy. So  wayne is packing his bags and so is tyga sooooo...... what is next is bird man gonna become a real bird that's also a man, is tyga going to turn into a real tiger is wayne gonna be in the walking dead?Sorry got of topic on that last one anyway tell me if any of this stuff does happen even if wayne will never be on the walking dead you should still tell me.

Watch the interview,eminem was in it with his amazing acting

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WTF abhvjcczzxxcd you ain't saying shit man you think you sound good but you sound like scooby doo scrappy doo and courage the cowardly dog had a baby and was adopted by a fat gay guy fuc*ing a skinny girl while she's on the bottom and he is shiting and screaming with nails in his mouth

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50 Licks and Mary gay weather  

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Why why is it always the awesome ones you love

Wayne might not leave cash money no one knows exactly but maybey  I don't know tell me if so
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