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During december, I created numerous Rogues. I've already made a bunch for a convention earlier in 2017. All those Rogues are available on my blog, in french.

Here's two I translated for you, fellow english gamers. Hope you'll like them !

Illustrations are from Konstantin Vavilov and Nate Hallinan.

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"In the Hell of Jade" is a module for Swords Without Master, in the way of "The Carnival of Dreams" by Stras Acimovic.

In this module, you'll venture in a jungle. Maybe you'll cross path with "the-one-who-wore-a-name", you'll try to escape the Green Emperor assassins, and you could go through the Trilogy.

It uses bits of the Millevaux universe, by +Thomas Munier, a french author who writes a dark post-apo forestry horror universe in the public domain.

Free on DTRPG !

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A quick and easy post from our Swords session last night

Rogues! I am celebrating the 6th anniversary of Matrimonicon this morning and cannot attend #SundayAMSwords.

But! It looks like +Johannes Oppermann​nn & perhaps +Mikael Tysvær​ are up for it. If you can muster 1 or 2 more, you've got a game!

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So, here's a link to my french blog.
It's the first day of my advent calendar, with each day a "creation" or translation, related to gaming. It's coming from 8 days ago.

It's a game based on Swords Without Master. Its title is ... wait for it ... "Les enfants du Vagin", aka "The Vagina's Children" in english. Yep. Not easy, but it was a contest with a fake novel cover generator, and I got this. And I was tasked with the creation of a one-page RPG.

Now, to the game. It takes place in a uchrony. Napoleon's France and Great Britain have pursued wars during decades, and it's now the 1950s. Technology is looking at the atom, with some kind of Rocketeer. The wars are over, but the spy game is on. Both sides "control" nearly half the planets, through colonies and allies. It's another kind of Cold War.

And there's superheroes. Project Marvel for Great Britain, and the AGIN (Agence Gouvernementale des Individus Nouveaux) for France. The Ve AGIN (called the "Vagin") is a squad of only women with powers. And it has disappeared. Official news calls for treason. And you play ... the Children of these women.

Some day, years after the disapperance, the Nurse (some kind of intendant for your mothers) comes to you. You are in danger. Bad people will look to you. You must run and hide ... and discover the truth !

That's it for the background. It will be rewritten and expanded / corrected in a future version, but that's what I provided to the contest. And it uses the SWM engine.
Perilous Phase see the Children running away from danger, or maybe confronting it.
Discovery Phase is about looking for the truth and discovering the world. The children have not seen much about it.
Rogues Phase become Children Phase, where Children ... well ... do Child Things against bad adults.

It's a start, as the Phase are strictly the same. The tones, however, are different : Espiègle / Responsable, or in english : Mischievous / Responsible. I think that reflects the "Orphan Children" tone of the game.

Also, the Heroic Feats have been tweaked. The Children don't have powers ... but the Nurse give them some Stim, that can provide bursts of power with them. That's what copy the Feats.

Whoa, I've written more than I thought ^^. The game is in french (cause, well, I'm kind of french), but if there is interest in it, I will try to provide advancements about it here.

Thanks for reading !

Curses! Another Sunday without #SundayAMSwords for me, I'm afraid.

Next week or the gods be damned!

Carry on without me, rogues!

Rogues! I cannot do #SundayAMSwords this week, but I hope to return next. Next week can not arrive too soon, for I miss these adventures!

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Folks, if you're familiar with Mastodon the social media (as opposed to the mammal or the band) you can find me at:

If you're not familiar, Mastodon is a bit like a Twitter-substitute with a 500 character limit. It does some neat things with localizing control. For example, instead of joining Mastodon as a whole, you join an instance which is usually made up of a collection of like-minded folk. The instance is dedicated to tabletop gaming with a healthy contingent of roleplayers.

I'm new to the whole Mastodon thing, but enjoying it thus far. I'm particularly intrigued by the 500 character count. Especially, intrigued by the rogues you can write up in 500 characters. But it might be a bit tricky since, with punctuation and spaces, at least 76 characters are already accounted for:
All that Deserves a Name:

Might save some characters by just linking to the eidolon and labeling the trick by it's name instead of both "Trick:" and it's name. Also, no shame in trimming "All Deserving a Name:" down to "Names:" The #SwordsWtihoutMaster hashtag is vital, though. Mastodon is only searchable by hashtags. Might even want to slap a #Rogue on there, too.

Anyway, I'm going to give it a shot and I invite you to join me. Hit me up on when you get there.

#sundayamswords Who's with me for 0900 PST this Sunday?

Sunday Morning Swords!

It has been too long.

Who is ready and willing for a glum/jovial tale this morning?
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