God evening friends hoping that you have avery day of sunday

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Good lesson leaned from the story if properly followed

The judgement for Adam in Genesis 3 : 17 - 18 of HOLY BIBLE aimed at the ground.
It started the obstruction of the thorns and thistles.
The judgement received by Cain for killing his brother, aimed at his humanity.
It started not to yield the strength of the soil for the harvest.
The curse received by Adam and Cain spreads over and over due to the blood relationship of whole humanity.
But it could dissolved through the repentance and acceptance.
Though it was so, satan entered to humanity and taught them there is no any judgement against the humans and all those details are lies.
Further satan taught the humans to mix the genes and fertilizing the soil, instead of make the corrections of sinfulness.
The humans also loved the pleasure of the sins and tried to proceed on their way.
Now the humans have fallen in to so many diseases due to the poisonous food against the nature of Divine plan.
So we can see many members of the human family suffering with unhealthiness on the scientific way, using continuous medicine.
Out of Divine plan, satanic introductions create depression on foolish humans !

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HAI gud aftnoon dear missed friends?
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