Is there any documentation on CLI command usage? Even initial access would be handy.

I just setup nipap on docker, but I would like to use the api to connect to my docker installation. The dockerized NIPAP is up and running properly.

Would anyone like to share examples of how to use the API to interact with nipap ?. I've scoured search engines and read the documentation but can't find anything that helps me get a handle on this!.

thanks daz

Hi, I have just installed NIPAP 0.29.6 on Ubuntu 14.04LTS. I find when I log into the UI with the correct password and username I an constantly getting an error.
Error Incorrect Username or Password.

When I run the test-user nipap-passwd command the user and password checkout. The UI will allow me to log in but adding a VRF or prefix etc i snot able to complete because of the repeated popup....

I am just tried to setup nipapd by using docker which is present in git, but linking to database was not working. Do you have corresponding docker file and environment variable/file for running nipapd in docker by linking nipap-db?

I'm working on a project to import addresses from an Excel IP Address Spreadsheet and I'd like to know what the community recommends as Best Practice for importing addresses from another IPAM:

1. Should subnets be assigned before assigning hosts? i.e., Before assigning the host address - Is it necessary/important to assign the subnet first?
2. Should host addresses be imported using the subnet's netmask or the host's netmask (i.e., Should the host address be assigned as a /24? Or should the host address be assigned as a /32?)

Eric Pretorious
Portland, Oregon

As part of the project that I'm working (i.e., to import addresses from an Excel IP Address Spreadsheet) I've...

a. created a handy little Perl script to parse CSV data and create the CLI commands for assigning the addresses in NIPAP.
b. created installation notes for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (i.e., Trusty Tahr) that fill-in many of the gaps in the current installation docs (including filesystem permissions, Apache-2 configuration, etc).

Is there someplace where I can make these bits available so that, hopefully, I can ease the pain of getting started with NIPAP?

Eric Pretorious
Portland, Oregon

Recently install nipap. But I do not know how to start it. Is there any guide?

Install NIPAP in UBUNTU 14.04

Hi, all. I have a problem install NIPAP. the terminal display the next oot@ipam:~# nipap-passwd add --user IPAM --password Barcelona2--NAME
Please specify name with --name

Please your help
Thank you.!

Hi, all, i have a problem install NIPAP.

The terminal display the next notice

root@ipam:~# nipap-passwd add --user IPAM --password Barcelona*--NAME
Please specify name with --name

I am newbie installing app in Ubuntu.

Please your help. Thank you!
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