For those who are searching for Ancestors in the State of Pennsylvania
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Today's guest on the genealogy radio show aired at #raidiocorcabaiscinn is Sean J. Murphy. The interview is 'Surnames of Ireland with special reference to Munster'. The show airs live at 4p.m. and is podcast afterwards at
Lorna Moloney details the finer points required to research, cross check and finally to ensure all information is correct at all stages in genealogy mentoring.The progamme will provide strategies and useful genealogy advice on where to start and how to proceed on your important family journey.
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David Samuelsen

Discussion  - 
To plan for the year, I would like ot have feedback from you on what databases are needed to be added to SAMPUBCO site. There are many types of probate records, but planning is needed to determine which ones to add this year.
What's New in Last 4 Weeks? Wills Massachusetts - Plymouth co Surnames S (1686-1820) 288 testators (29 Nov 2014) New York - Kings co Vol 42-45 (1870-1872) 549 testators (11 Dec 2014) New York - Rensselaer co Vol 146, 151, 161 (1891-1895) 1411 testators (21 Dec 2014) ...
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Wills (they are recorded in will books, NOT same as probate files)
Maryland - Baltimore city Vol 38-39 (1872-1873) 587 testators
New York - Westchester co Vol. 55-62 (1867-1870) 442 testators

Probate Files (they are not will books, has accounts, payments, court proceedings, reports, etc with much more family details, including records of minors-guardianships)
Connecticut - New London co. - New London District State files Ely to Gilmore (1675-1850) 442 files
New York - Cayuga co Box 25-29 (18-18) 252 files
New York - Madison co Files 2968-3210 (1870-18) 245 files
New York - Westchester co Estates (1832-1835) 350 files
Pennsylvania - Washington co Probate Files Surnames C-D (1786-1849) 226 files

These are not only ones online.
More than:
418540 will records
11675 guardianships
164880 probate files
22990 individuals listed in naturalization records

All listings are free to read. No Opt in feature, No Opt out feature.

Links are above the listing of latest additions.

W. David Samuelsen
What's New in Last 4 Weeks? Wills Maryland - Baltimore City Vol 36-37 (1868-1870) 574 testators (29 Sep 2014) Maryland - Baltimore city Vol 38-39 (1872-1873) 587 testators (10 Nov 2014) Massachusetts - Plymouth co Surnames P-R (1686-1820) 304 testators (25 Sept 2014) ...
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New additions to SAMPUBCO

Probate files:
Pennsylvania - Washington co Probate Files (B-1825 thru C-1834) 346 files
Rhode Island - Providence Co - Town of Pawtucket (1778-1869
Wisconsin - Vernon co 220-421 (1860-1886) 284 files
Wisconsin - Vernon co 422-470 (1860-1886) 60 files

Probate files are not limited to estates, they also cover adoptions and guardianships of children.

free browsing as ever

W. David Samuelsen
What's New in Last 3 Weeks? Wills Georgia - Butts co. A1-B2 (1826-1948) 785 testators, guardians and administrations (23 July 20l4) New York - Dutchess co. Vol 12-13 (1891-1895) 790 testators (30 July 2014) New York - Queens co. A-B surnames (1783-1905) 1071 testators (24 July 2014) ...
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Mary Bradley-Brown

Birth, Marriage, Death Records  - 
My family Heritage
Great Grandparents
Susan Meighen  Birth 5 Nov 1855 in Pine Bank, Greene, Pennsylvania, United States
Death May 7, 1920 in New Freeport, Greene, Pennsylvania, USA

Peter Bradley
Birth Mar 1848 in Dublin, Ireland
Death 5 Jan 1932 in Steubanville, Jefferson, Ohio, United States

The Bradley Men: Front Row: Ambrose, Susan Meighen Bradley, Peter Bradley, Leo, 
back row: James, Matthias, Patrick, John
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About this community

==COMMUNITY RULES== For those who are searching for Ancestors in the State of Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. This page is for genealogy purposes only. Genealogy links to personal or commercial sites (such as ancestry,, etc... ) are permissible but no affiliate links are allowed. *Please do not ask for research of living people*, the posts will be removed. This applies to *current adoptions and searching for birth parents, children or siblings*. If you find a spam post please use the report feature (hover to the right of the name, a drop down menu will give an option to report to admin) or notify one of the admins. Be courteous and respectful to those with different opinions. No Political, Moral or Religious postings here, this is not the forum. Be sure to check out the other State networks on Google+ ; [STATE] Genealogy Network. PennsylvaniaGenealogy Website at - Thanks, Site Admin

Jerry Kocis

Discussion  - 
125 years ago, on Dec. 18, 1889, several municipalities officially consolidated into the new city of Johnstown, under the leadership of its first mayor, William Horace Rose.
A wall of water slammed into Johnstown, almost completely destroying the thriving community.Six neighboring boroughs – Millville, Prospect, Cambria, Conemaugh, Woodvale and Grubbtown – suffered varying degrees of damage, too.
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Jerry Kocis

Birth, Marriage, Death Records  - 
If you are working with the "Pennsylvania, Death Certificates, 1906-1963" collection on, click to advance to the next image when looking at a veteran's death certificate.  Information about the vet's military service may be found on the reverse of the form.
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Thanks for the tip!
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