Please how do I update my Samsung GT7000 note nigeria

So I've got a HTC 10. I didn't realise until I received it it's a Chinese import:( I'm trying to send it back as I wasn't told this. But in the mean time does anyone have any knowledge on if this would effect the mobile data or warranty here in the UK? 

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Hi there,
we released version 1.4 with some cool updates and feature. Check it out and let us know what do you think about our work! Thanks in advance!

Need opinions. I've got a HTC 10 . Great phone but want something a little bit bigger that's like for like price wise. Would you recommend a switch to the OnePlus 3t. Only thing that worried me is the screen. Is it any good and sharp enough?

Hay,.. i'm newbie use android blackphone bp1. How to install play store on blackphone bp1? I can't open youtube app and clash of clans sync on device. Please help me

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Good morning guys I'm already almost 2 weeks with problem on my lg g3 and not consigi fix
When trying to unlock the bootload caught a videio on youtube that sent low to APK and put inside the phone downloaded the APK TWRP and placed inside the Tel later installed however when running the TRWP inside the phone he turned off the screen sensors, not lights anything on the screen no censor lights can not put in download mode, fastboot, recovery, connect it in Windows it appears on the managed more does not mount the hard drive volume device in linux it mounts the volume more when I access it displays the following message (Could not access "LG Android USB device" Could not open the MTP device "[USB: 001.002]") and can not access, I am the river already took the sites that perform repairs and phone unlocking and told me would have traca the plate because I killed the boot does not recognize the so-called program (OCTOPLUS) that is used to perform unlock, root, etc. on phones, I searched the internet and found procedure that tells of a short in the phone card and he returned to recognize however not tested for fear of damaging the time card in lg assistance I was told that the problem was the battery and it would have to make the phone system again.
My question is has anyone ever experienced this problem and managed to solve, but as solved? or someone you know of a procedure that actually work?

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The Note could make a comeback, and all it might take is a little break.

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A lot of companies launched devices this year, but who's the top of them all?

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These apps are old, but still good.
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