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Name: Victor Avia

Age: 20 years old

Gender: male

Likes: music, slaying vampires, killing dragons, adventures, exploring

Dislikes: vampires, werewolves, farming

How he found out about vampires: rumors, one killed his sister Elizabeth

Bio: his father died of old age. His mother died from a bandit raid. His sister Elizabeth died from a vampire attack. He served for the king for 5 years as a elite soldier. So he is a really good fighter. After his sister died he vowed he would hunt down all of the vampires and destroy them.

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Name: Bella Young
Gender: Female
Age: 20 (2000 In Vampire Years)
Personality: Sour
Species: Vampire
Can I control myself?: No
Can I look human?: Yes
Master: The Princess
Rank: Poor
Bio: When I was a little girl my parents got killed. I was an orphan until March 15th. Then some other Vampires killed them. I was an orphan again until I was 18. I was adopted by some old Vampires. Then after a few months I decided to go and start my normal Vampire life. After the Princess was kidnapped I decided to fight back and kill some Werewolfs. She was my guide.

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Name: Dizzy
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: shy
Likes: Animals the dark
Dislikes: evil and/or rude people
Bio: Appeared out of thin air

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name: Princess Moka Sunako 

age: looks 14 but is 1400 which in vampire years is 14..

gender: female

rank: she is stronger and faster then most vampires and she is rich so her rank is A+

bio: Since she was born a princess everyone of the vampires loved her, but just before she was crowned queen someone traded her for money and she was kidnapped bye kyo..

likes: blood, the dark, the woods, cats, cake, jelly donuts, candy..

dislikes: the sun, dogs, strawberries..

have self control: yes
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