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For those of you that (still) use Google+, the site is going offline forever on April 2nd and the bs site is broken again. So if you're still using this, pls join the official discord server here:


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Why mind games make a new game?
Why he stop updating block story, create multiplayer for 4 peoples .
I never anderstand that :/


So is what new stuff is in this beta?


Cubica game
Need add render distance option, an attack button "I'm always attacking NPC" a way to search for players and finally to check the names of the islands "to come islands like Gay, ass among others that I can not write here"

Sorry for any mistake I'm using an online translator I do not know how to write English "I'm Brazilian and I do not know if I can write Portuguese here"

Hello! I am new here so what do I do?
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