Blender 2.79 - Tread Carefully

I have had no problems at all updating Blender the last few times but I spent the whole morning getting 2.78c BACK. So just a warning. My issues (whatever they may be as my computer HAS been running flawlessly (knocking on plastic) ) may not be yours (Win10Pro).

A few of the add-ons that I either wanted to try or used all the time didn't work. So I went back to 2.78 (or tried). A restore point didn't work at all and so I lost my install from April. After doing a lot of deleting of 2.79 files to get a clean uninstall (the regular uninstall didn't work well enough to install the earlier version back) and running CCleaner and rebooting several times, I finally appear to have 2.78c up and running as it has been. The add-on that I needed was working again fine there also.

But it was a long morning. So, just a heads up that this doesn't seem to be as stable as the previous official releases.

Maybe waiting a bit with a "b" version or whatever might be a good plan. I suspect that it WILL work fine for those not needing add-ons. There were a few issues with the installation itself but easily enough to fix, just some extra time. Still, installing (if you can) in another directory might be good and leaving your previous just in case. That has worked for me before but it has been awhile so not sure it is possible now.

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I am curious if anyone else has experienced this and might have some insight on how to fix it. I made a human model that I want to rig to the SL rig. I am using avastar and I have done this process many times before but this has never happened in such extremes.
In one of the images you can see that the weights have gone nuts and have way over extended their range.


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New DAE support for Shadermap 4

Free for personal use, I have the older version of this but don't use it often. Some interesting new features though that might be handy for some of you. It sounded like you might be able to create a DAE file from a picture?

Later: A quick scroll down to features gave me this info on the DAE integration:

"Load a 3d model into the project grid and render normal maps, AO, curve, color ID, and depth from the model geometry."

May try it later. Impressive website entry that doesn't show up here - LOL.

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Lots more Blender Tutorials

I have been adding to the Blender tutorials in the intermediate level for awhile now. I noted that I never came over and SAID that :D. So house physics, stair physics, baking multiple materials to one (or more) texture planes and others.

The SLArtist page is here:

They are listed like a blog so the beginning ones are at the end.

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If you've been avoiding Cycles up until now, the next upcoming version of Blender may be a good time to finally jump in.

The new Principled shader (created by Disney) will make creating materials a lot easier in Cycles.

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venez vous balader sur les parcelle de l anniversaire d osgrid

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Bricks Toppling rendered animation.

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Passing this on as it's driven me insane for a few weeks in the snatched moments I get to indulge.

I could not rotate bones around their own local Y axis in Edit Mode without diving into menus.

Ctrl-R solves the problem.

If I had RTFM, DuuurrH! under Recalculate Bone Roll, I could have slept more peacfully.

Why was I so hung up on the problem? It's helpful when making a rig, apparently, to have all the Z axes aligned vertically where possible to keep things consistent and not spring any surprises. I'm also trying to animate and I get confused enough as it is, no point in making an even bigger rod for my own back in future. LOL

In passing: the course I'm doing on the Blender Cloud training is really enjoyable and a pleasure to be taught by someone that really knows their stuff, but it does involve a determination to keep at it knowing that 75% will be of no use in Opensim; it will everywhere else, just not SL/Opensim.

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Cycles Shaders
License: CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) also commercial
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