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A good song for this group~ here

I'm Gryphonx and I dabble in all magic but am better in light and dark I dont talk about the past

you can try your best to kill me but i know im going to win

well lets see: my names Alex-Kun I am a human, i have the to control, manipulate and use the power of water and ice. i recently learnt that i am the water master legend, and so i can command water in its own way. I have a familiar (sort of pet) which is a shark/swordfish named Nemo. when i am not using my powers, i am practising the dark arts as a teacher and Necromancer. i also am a martial arts teacher.  in my free time i tend to train for the future and fight what is right, even if it includes violence. i am also good at healing and resurrection. a while ago, i found out in my past, i used to be assassin...but i dont want to go into detaill....
thats me and my character!!!

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Hello everybody nice to meet you

my characters name is Xavier hes a dark angel nobody his weapon is a scythe and can shape-shift into any weapon. He can absorb his opponents energy through direct attacks.
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