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Google moved the Description toward the top of the Knowledge Panel, and thanks to our friend +Phil Rozek he wrote about it in this piece:

Beyond that what I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED about the Description Phil showed was that the message said-> VISIT OUR SITE.

Ha ha. Take that "traffic stealing KP" ;)

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Google's wording of this new rule is murky, and you can read it another way, but here's a good rundown from +Joy Hawkins:

Directions to a client's office are incorrect in GMB...what is the fastest way to get that updated?

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Are you seeing the "Save" button front-n'-center in the knowledge panel (on desktop)? The GMB sidebar clutter fiesta continues. (And this one will give them some juicy data on users.)

I understand we are not suppose to self promote and/or list our websites or our blogs. But it seems I see alot of that here. So how do we introduce ourselves with out a link to our business? What is the community about if we are in the know of SEO and what Local Search is.? I am confused and see there is not much activity here

Is there any value in optimizing image file names before uploading to Google My Business?

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Have you seen the new "Services" field in Google My Business? It appears to be brand-new. Just did a blog post on it, and will continue to experiment with the new feature. Let me know if you see it in your dashboard!

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With word that Google will be shelving the URL link shortener console has anyone had experience with Firebase Dynamic Links?

Could you provide a brief summary of what you like and dislike about FDL?
Google recommends this, or as replacements.
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