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Uh oh. More diversion from websites plus an open book for spamming by competitors. This looks terrible for smb's.

Want to avoid having leads find this?? Buy ppc.

Just miserable!!!!

Is google identifying fake reviewers and pruning/cutting their review volumes? Quite a number of members of this and other communities are speaking up about fake reviews: +Mike Blumenthal and +Joy Hawkins come to mind and I'm sure others. I'm aware of an smb that seems to be acquiring fake reviews. I learned about them from two totally different and completely disconnected sources. As I glanced at some of their recent reviews and focused on the reviewers, I found 2 with respectively 3 and 4 reviews showing...but each has made 18. In both cases 14 or 15 reviews are now not showing.

I assume google is identifying the now invisible reviews and filtering them. Any other observations or comments on this? 

Hey Local Searchers! Question of the day for you fine folk:

Can anyone share, either on or off the record, a case in the last six months where a GMB page changed on the front end either the business' category, phone number or address without your approval? Bonus points for before/after screenshots. Writing a post on SEL about how fun GMB is.

If you'd rather stay private feel free to DM me with the deets. Danke schatzis!

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Google copies Facebook Messenger with instant business chat.
Problem is... Google Voice, Google Messenger, Google Hangouts, Google Allo, Google Duo (another one I missed?) are all "active" Google chat/message products. #confusion #whatamess

Google Messaging Rolling Out to More Dashboards
by +Mike Blumenthal

More about it from Mike:
Google My Business Messaging FAQ

Are the "Hot Seat" reviews still available?

Hi LSP's If I've had an interview with a candidate for a potential job that the candidate did not possess the developer skills for and after advising him that he did not get the job, he gives my company a negative Google review.

What can I do about this? Ive reported the review as a conflict of interest.
is there merit in asking local guides to down vote the review.

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I have a verified business listing but when I go into the dashboard there is no associated Google+ Local Page with the listing.

Do you know what can cause this or whats the fix?
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Hey everyone, what do you have for great articles, tips or advice on how to better rank and improve business exposure through map rankings?

What could be the reason why Google keeps rejecting our new website URL when I add it to our listing?

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Just saw this from +Search Engine Land...Google Posts removed after 7 days.

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