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Omoniyi Samson

Everything  - 
There Brothers (Episode three) Before we go into the ful story for this episode, here is a flash back... This piece is a poetic story lines and stanzas sprunt out from the poetic's life experience with roommates. Roommate...
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jean dupres

Resources & Tools  - 
Taskworld empowers your enterprise to organize all your projects, share ideas and accomplish great results.
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Joan Harrington

Everything  - 

Brands are using live video to build a larger, stronger presence and reach audiences on the fly like never before.

Live streaming has become one of the best ways to forge an authentic, one-on-one connection with customers.

11 Proven Ways To Utilize Live Video To Boost Your Personal Brand

#livestream #live #videomarketing #fblive #branding 
renee groskreutz's profile photo
Yes, i am working live streaming into my plan this year. I will be doing a live show every other Tuesday

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As part of the interview series on Aha!NOW to learn and get inspired, today we have with us a blogging entrepreneur and Twitter expert. Read about his struggle and rise to success using blogging and Twitter. John Paul Aguiar learned to tweet like an entrepreneur to grow his blog and business. You can do the same by doing what he does. More at the blog! :)

Pin for later -
In this interview with John Paul Aguiar, learn how he tweeted like an entrepreneur to grow his blog and business. You can do the same by doing what he does.
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#Work from #home #culture is now in trend.. Just keep its pros and cons about it.
‘Work from home’ is a new culture which is widely prevailing nowadays. Rather than going to offices or factories, this is the best option to earn money, especially for women. This is the global phenomenon found almost in all the countries of the world. Work from home or you can say WFH is gaining immense …
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Post Project Steps 1: Payment

Last year I covered 5 major subjects which were; How To Pitch, Converting that pitch into actual work, Good Client Relationships, Tricky Clients and When Projects Go Bad. All of these subjects were aimed at helping you to troubleshoot some of the trickier situations and people you will come across when self-employed. Now that we’ve dealt with some if the best practice during a project, and how to save one if its not going to plan, I wanted to talk about steps after your project is over.

Receipt Payment

It goes without saying that one of the first things you’ll want to do is check of course you’ve been paid. Thanks to mobile banking and the internet it’s now easier to ensure that a client has seen your invoice and paid you on time. Assuming you have been paid, one of the first things you’ll want to do is receipt that payment so the client will know. You can send this to whomever you’ve dealt with but I always think it’s worth asking if any accounts people need to be copied in. This will be a useful contact should anything ever go wrong further down the line.

Late Payment

There’s nothing worse than getting your statement and realising that you haven’t been paid. Try not to panic too much when this happens. It’s important to phone up your contact straight away and deal with the issue. Often late payment can be from sheer absent mindedness and nothing sinister. In order to prevent late payments in the future I would recommend that you reward good behaviour rather than punishing bad behaviour. Add 10% onto a client who regularly pays late and then knock it off for prompt payment. I’ve had a few clients that paid late every single time, but late is always better than never!

Non Payment

Sometimes a client will just vanish into thin air and will not have paid you. Just to re-cover some essential tips should this happen to you:

1. Make sure you do everything you can to get in touch

2. If you think they may be avoiding you, try having someone else call

3. If you still can’t get through try and reach accounts or another department

4. Always avoid small claims court where possible but the threat of a lawyer can be a useful tool. Try and befriend one and swap services so this costs you nothing.

5. Be sure to send all warnings etc in writing as evidence

6. Never sink to their level.

Hopefully you should not encounter non-paying clients all that often. The best way to avoid this issue is to take preventative steps. Do your due dillinge on the company beforehand. Always get a signed contract with clear payment terms. Get your deposit. Try where possible to protect your work in some way and don’t deliver until full payment is made.
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Joan Harrington

Everything  - 

What Are the 3 Most Effective Ingredients for Achieving Success?

As a sales and marketing professional, you’re probably constantly looking for just the right ingredients to achieve success in your business.

#effectiveingredients #onlinemarketing #networkmarketing #successonline 
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KLM serves the Bonding Buffet to connect people at Christmas.

Another brilliant example of festive campaign 2016, that I am looking forward to telling you about, is the ‘Bonding Buffet’ hosted by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to bring people together at Christmas. 
Another brilliant example of festive campaign 2016, that I am looking forward to telling you about, is the 'Bonding Buffet' hosted by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to bring people together at Christmas. Many thanks to my friend Sabrina, who is also an amazing blogger, for letting me know about this campaign.
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Looking for money making apps that pay you? Check out the list of 45 smartphone apps that pay you to complete simple task for both android and ios.
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Everything  - 
7 Steps to building a High Performance Team No matter how strong an idea you have, the fate of your startup ultimately rests on the shoulders of your team. After all,...
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About this community

This is a community for bloggers and business owners who are seeking to make their blogging profitable. Tips and discussions on traffic building, email marketing, copywriting, social media, online business building, and more. SPAM will not be tolerated and you will be kicked out. If you want to promote your stuff every now and then, only do so if you're an active, helping member of the group. If all you do is promote your blog posts, I'll kick you out.

Chris Hopkins

Traffic Building  - 
Happy new year. Here's my best hacks for getting massive traffic in 2017

Hi I'm Chris from Viracode - growth hacking and inbound marketing.

I help Startups and SME's develop the right strategies and tactics to achieve long term scaleable business growth.

I look forward to participating in the community, engaging with good quality content and sharing my best, actionable, growth hacking case studies.

#growthhacking #blogging #inboundmarketing #leadgeneration. 

Here's a taste of what to expect from me.

9 easily actionable traffic hacks guaranteed to explode your website traffic
need more traffic? these easily actionable website traffic hacks are proven winners. 9 step by step guides to driving more visitors to your website.
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Oliver Gwynne

Resources & Tools  - 
Post Project Steps 2: Testimonials

There is an old saying that you are only as good as your last project and I think there’s some truth in that. It’s important that after a project has ended you get the most out of it in getting you more work. One way of doing that is getting a testimonial.

Show Your Support

It’s always a good idea to phone your client up about a month afterwards just to check up on them and whatever you’ve done. Ensure that they haven’t had any issues, how your X was received etc. Undoubtedly they will be expecting you to ask for more work but if you come at this from a sincere place then I think it puts you a cut above most suppliers.

Surprisingly Difficult

In terms of getting a testimonial it can be surprisingly difficult. Even if your client was over the moon with your service they still not be able to find the time to go online and give you a good review. That’s why in most cases I would suggest that you write one for yourself and ask them to copy and paste it. Most people will make small changes to the text but be happier to post it then sit down and write one for you.

Oscar Nominations

We all want a glowing review, but I would think of specific issues you want to address or skills you’ve demonstrated with this client. It needs to come across as realistic and not just empty praise. I don’t think people put all that much stock in testimonials these days, but having something short and sweet is normally the way to go.


In order to give your testimonial more credence when displayed in literature, website, flyers etc You should have the quote, followed by exactly who said it and then normally a picture of them if you have permission and if not a logo.


Video testimonials can be very powerful, again ensuring that people aren’t reading off a sheet but rather are giving you genuine praise is the key. In order to be cost effective you should organise a day in one location (your office if possible) and give people a little incentive to come along. (shopping vouchers will normally suffice) don’t take up too much of their time.

Testimonials should be honest, short and be relatively recent in order to be most effective.
renee groskreutz's profile photoOliver Gwynne's profile photo
Thanks Renee
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Eagle Lasers

Everything  - 
Power, speed, efficiency, reliability?
What you care the most, when you buy a machine?
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My Blogging Plans To Keep Progressing In 2017

I do have to say that 2016 treated me pretty well.

There were a bunch of epiphanies which made it the year of enlightenment as far as self realization, self confidence, and of course blogging.

In 2016 I learned how to work smarter which allowed me to progress even further, attract more opportunities, and gain much more results.

I realized working harder only brings more limitations which at some point will make you stagnant and get you to the point of burning out.

You become that hamster in the wheel, running fast and yet not going anywhere.

Once you come out of that mindset and focus on the tasks that’s going to make you more productive, it feels as if each day is “renewed” which gives you the energy to keep going.

Especially through those “vanity” metrics you see in your analytics.

You become more excited about the future tasks you’re about to do, leaving you in suspense each time you take them on. You truly feel like a kid again.

Many of you may feel disappointed in the previous year and want to see how you can make 2017 better. In this post I will share with you my plans for 2017 and what I learned from 2016.
I do have to say that 2016 treated me pretty well. There were a bunch of epiphanies which made it the year of enlightenment as far as self realization, self
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Don Purdum

Everything  - 
21 Insanely Effective Ways To Increase Website Traffic! [Part I]

How would you like to learn about the most effective ways to increase your website traffic?

Have you been trying various methods to get website traffic, and are not seeing the results you hope for or expected?

You are in luck! We are detailing 21 highly efficient methods of increasing website traffic, and the tangible steps you will need to implement them (along with any specific hints and tips).
Learn about the most effective ways to increase your website traffic!
renee groskreutz's profile photoDon Purdum's profile photo
Thanks +renee groskreutz!!!
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Amanda Trought

Everything  - 
It's all happening in Barbados!
In celebration of the Pantone Color of the Year 2017 I look at the color inspiration at St Nicholas Abbey, St Peter, Barbados
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Jigar Patel

Blogging  - 
Have you purchase your favorite domain from #Godaddy and want to setup on #Blogger? I have compiled this article to guide you through the whole process to set it up. Read this article further.

Read more:
Have you purchase your personal domain and want to set up on Here is the complete guide to setup BlogSpot custom domain.
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Bill Achola

Blogging  - 
I've incredible tips that I would like to share to give you fabulous newsletter ideas for your blog.
Do you want to drive more traffic and increase your conversion rates eventually to your blog? then learn how to use the 15 tips mentioned.
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Employees work for 8-9 hours daily, each with varying routines to accomplish deadlines and tasks. It’s no secret that stress and pressure come in the line of duty and can affect an employee’s overall productivity. As a solution, office spaces must provide a wave of creativity and a relaxing atmosphere to help boost productivity among employees.
Office spaces must provide a wave of creativity and a relaxing atmosphere to help boost productivity among employees.
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Brandon Beast

Social Media  - 
While thousands of ideas pass thorough our brains each and every day, only a few can change your life really quick. The man himself Alex Becker shares 3 amazing Ideas that can make you $1 Million in 2017. FIRST HIGH CLASS SOC...
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