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【OPPO to day cat starting Find7 standard version Intended to layout O2O】
     In the afternoon of May 4th day DianQiCheng cats and OPPO quite ambiguous breath a tweet interaction. Weibo content in the brand images, two mascots in hand and play up "for the first time. The quantity of two fans are in more than 3 million account "flirting" openly, as expected, this is indeed a groundbreaking cooperation before.
     On May 6, the day the cat with OPPO announced that 4 g universal flagship OPPO Find cat 7 standard version would be day starting, accept appointment immediately:
     Most of the most eagerly awaited 4 g universal flagship mobile phone, the OPPO Find 7 standard version on the day the cat went on sale, not only support, online booking and payment, more with OPPO offline channel advantages, the joint line 24 OPPO stores starting at the same time, especially for the user to provide the online payment, offline and offline sweep yards to make an appointment to pick up the goods payment, new mode of shopping online electricity delivery, let O2O become a reality. OPPO officially became the first cooperation with day cat O2O business, also for the subsequent more depth on both sides jointly bring more likely.
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