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Name: Isabella Stoll.
Cabin: Hermes. Regular not undetermined.
Age: 15.
Light (ish) brown hair, usually in a pony tail or down, blue/green eyes, elfish ears.
Height: I'm small so I look like I'm 14.
Strengths: pranking,stealing,shoplifting,pranking.
Weakness': being normal, being unsarcastic or actually paying for stuff.
Likes: pranks, stealing, ma dad, ma bros (Conner and Travis). Snakes.
Dislikes: paying, order,ares Cabin and Hephaestus cabin.
Powers: teleportation, the lock thing.
year rounder.
Other: I use pranking and a dagger as my weapons. And I once Stoll (boom) my dads staff. Under influence of Gaia of course. She's so persuasive.
Bio: I ran away from home and boom. That enough? Or do I have to hrough all the stealing from stores?
Fatal flaw: I'm a terrible liar...
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