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Any one know how to relock my bootloader with fastboot? Xperia xzp

Does anyone have or know of a fully working Marshmallow or Nougat ROM for the Xperia Z Ultra PLEASE???

Is someone still using this device :D ?
Let me know in the comments
Also sub if youre are TRUE android lover!!!

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Those of you who look for a gorgeous theme on their devices , must try this one, I suggest. Hope you like it.

hi guys, has anyone cm10.1 or cm 10.2 builds for xperia sp higher than fxp302 version? give me link please

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Hey nice guys, I have just unlocked bootloader for my Xperia Z Ultra, now I have downloaded twrp-

I've browsed but didn't find any inf. about installing TWRP in my device...

How do I install TWRP on my device ?

Or better, to install AOSP_N_160907_togari (which features the files: boot.img, recovery.img, system.img, userdata.img) do I really have to install TWRP before flashing these 4 files ?

obs: I already have ADB binaries installed on my P.C. since I installed Android Studio to unlocking bootloader

Why :( why the xperia C3 don't have CM13? :(

Hey, has anyone else been getting this weird error while building a kernel from 7.1? My devices is the sumire_dsds and I used the defconfig from android 7.0 which compiled and ran perfectly.

CC init/do_mounts.o
CC arch/arm64/kernel/cputable.o
In file included from ../../../../../../kernel/sony/msm/arch/arm64/include/asm/dma-iommu.h:12:0,
from ../../../../../../kernel/sony/msm/arch/arm64/mm/dma-mapping.c:33:
../../../../../../kernel/sony/msm/include/linux/dma-mapping-fast.h:46:15: warning: 'struct dma_iommu_mapping' declared inside parameter list
error, forbidden warning: dma-mapping-fast.h:46
make[2]: * [/run/media/haozeke/Storage/AndBuild/cm-14.1/kernel/sony/msm/scripts/ arch/arm64/mm/dma-mapping.o] Error 1
make[1]: * [/run/media/haozeke/Storage/AndBuild/cm-14.1/kernel/sony/msm/Makefile:946: arch/arm64/mm] Error 2

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