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Hello? rp with me? I'm boooooored!
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"Prince of the Water Dragon"
Long ago, dragon morphers were considered evil. Those morphers were captured and killed in public. A few of the morphers became afraid and went into hiding.
The king realized his newborn son has the potential of having a rare dragon transformation ability. Fearing for his son's life, he hired a magic user to take his son somewhere safe from the hunters. The magic user was secretly planning to use to the boy for his own deeds. The magic user used a song to control the boy's mysterious powers. 

[Fire Emblem Awakening; before the game and now at the game (soon)]

Notes: Maria had a mother who was named Jane. She looked like the girl (with the light periwinkle hair) [I can show you the image of Maria if you want; young and teen], but with blue eyes and a black dress. She is great with singing. Maria inherited her mother's beauty and the gift of singing, and got brown eyes and magic skills like her father (Validar).

It was December 31st. It marked the day when the queen of Plegia - Jane - would bear a child that might bear with sacred mark of the Fell Dragon. The Grimleal cult and the citizens waited outside. They shivered from the cold, but they were mostly eager to see what the child would be like.

Validar - the king of Plegia - paced back and forth in the halls of the palace. With each scream from his wife, he prayed to Grima in his mind again and again. He found Jane long ago; she was a street performer with a bloodline that might insure his child would be the vessel.
Information You Need To Know

1. Please make the replies at least 3 sentences or more.

2. You may more than one character.

3. Please have most knowledge of the characters of the game and storyline of the game. If you need the information quick, I can get a web site of the information to you.

4. We can do the RP here or PM.

5. I need Validar most likely. Some others might be needed (like Gangrel and Aversa).

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i love the triplets from black butler so i wanna rp black butler with all of you wonderful people
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Post more!!! Start rp'ing!!!

walks into a room and sees everyone inside what are you guys doing?

Ok guys start rp's or im deleting this comm or something

Im starting a group rp at 8:00 pm my time the whole comm can be in it

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Any Death Note fans out there
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