Is the $7.49 subscription based or a one time fee?

How can I track bad habits with this app? E.g. I want to reduce the number of cups of coffee I drink every day.

Is anyone even updating this anymore?

I asked this question back in June:

"Can we get a 'habit currency'-based reward system in?

Something that essentially allows you to 'spend points' on rewards, instead of just unlocking them with habit points.

I think this would make more sense and encourage more consistency from your users.

There's also some research out there that indicates that short-term Rewards are great for the initial establishing of a habit.  This would be way better for that purpose as well.

Sometimes repeating the same reward is ideal."

The answer I got back seemed fantastic:

"We are working on a currency based system. We will have it ready in a few days.


Immediately bought the app, and waited patiently until the start of August after no change; my follow-up question went unanswered.

Now that I look at this page, it looks like a ghost town.

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FEATURE REQUEST: 1-click for steps in widget

Use a Plus or minus? Something else? I use this for many bad and good habits.
As it stands, one has to:
Tap The Habit on the widget,
then you need to click steps,
then you need to select up or down
Then you have to click okay.

I think this would help with usability, when it is incremental that means this is happening throughout the day and needs to be quick without options.
I do love how the circle fills up as you complete your steps for that habit!
But I really like is the graphing, great job!

I have the premium account and I am unable to turn Google Drive Backup on. I click on the Google Drive Backup switch, it pulls up my Google Accounts I click on the one I want to back up to and after that nothing happens. It switch remains in the off position.

Device: Chromebook Plus
Android Version: 6.0.1
Habit Hub Version: 9.5.22

Edit: If you click the cloud button from the Habit Hub home screen, then click upload, it will let you choose your Gmail, authorize it and successful upload your data. When you go back to the settings and then click "Data" and the "Google Drive Backup" you will then see the check mark is in the on position. It only seems not to work when you are trying to toggle it from the settings menu.


I am using the paid version of the app. How can I change the default 21 days? I can see 66 days on some screenshots and I think I could change it in rewire...

Thank you


Hi, if i add a flexible habit that i want to do 4 days per week but not specific days, on the days i don't do it should i put fail, skip, or not put anything? Thanks

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Very cool app, thank you! One thing you can make much better very easy- can you decrease the number of clicks to enter PIN? Now i have to click on first * just to make numpad appear. And then click button to enter. If focus will be on PIN field at start, numpad visible and auto login if PIN is correct, that would be great!

Is it possible to add settings for habits to repeat every month, on last Saturday of the month etc?
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