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The year is 21XX, and World War 10 has rolled around. This new war, all 18+ citizens, male and female, must go into war.
The few people who avoid the war are suddenly hit by bombs that blow up the city, forcing the residents to flee.
The remaining survivors are forced to band together into 4 groups to survive, and start honing their skills to survive in their new world.

1: No bullying. If you are being bullied, tell me or one of the future Mods.
2: No spam or 'repost or die' posts.
3: Cursing is allowed
4: I will be posting a template again, but as long as you follow that, or use a better one, you're good.
5: Please don't let this community die again.
6: No Hentai or any of that stuff here, thanks.
7: Listen to the Mods and owners


Open rp)
my story thou
-at least good grammar

"Year. I don't fucking know 21XX or something. Seems they finally solved the glitch my name is Logan Noir. Im a ex test subject of project x which was terminated a long time ago. The military have taken control of everything and split up. I don't like it. And I have to work as a mercenary to get food.They started a damn war AND I CAN'T GET OUT!"
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Quotes: Great! Now you done fucked up!/ there's you. And then there's me.
Name: Logan (Dare) Noir
Alias: The sniper
Gender: male
Age: 154(although looks 52 but has the strength athlete and brain of a 20 year old)
Team alliance: who ever pays the most
Birthday: August 29th. 2034
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Height: 6ft 2
Weight: 198 lb
Nicknames: The scavenger, The sniper, The Russian
Family: I....feels tattoo on the back of head have none
Training: 140 years. In practically everything
Species: Modified human
Pearsonality: (ever watched Logan? Sorta like that)
Looks: (picture) but has a tally marks as scars on the side of his head and a bar code tattoo as well as a cut out eye as well as some bullet hole scars and scars on the chest
Likes: Getting good stuff, guns and a safe place to hideout
Dislikes: Teenagers, Anyone below 18, "bad guys", people getting in the way and suits
Powers: slowed aging, healing
Weapons: Anything I can get my hands on
Eye colour: blood shot. But blue
Eye shape: normal I guess
Hair colour: grey but mostly brown
Hair texture: Rough. And straight
Skin tone: pale but just a little bit tanned
Skin texture: Rough.
Causal outfit: picture
Accessories: None
Tattoos: a bar code on the back of the head. And a 16 point star
Piercings: None
Scars: mostly on the top butt bullet hole scars. Knife wound scars. And a 5 strike tally mark on the side of the head
Sexualality: Straight
Crush: died a long time ago
//Back story// Since being around when the war started I've been training and training quite alot. I'm getting ready for something. But I don't know what, my dad was abusive. My mom ran away. And there I was. I also ran away later. Turns out had I done it before earlier I would of been alot better. But when running It just felt weird the adrenaline must of kicked in something. And broken ribs went back into place cigarette marks on my hand went away and bruises just vanished. So I bided my time and went back at 18. And put a bullet in the old man's skull, best thing I did with a gun. Then I had a purpose. I needed to find all bastards in the world like him. 

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Quotes: well hes a goner

Name: jace

Nicknames: the sniper of the shadows

Alias: n/a

Age: 16

Gender: male

Team Alliance: im going all solo

Birthday: no one knows

Zodiac Sign: leo

Years in Training: 13

Personality: dosent say much, heartless

Family: none

Weapons: a sniper and a sword

Accessories: a necklace

Tattoos: a snake on his right arm and a wolf on the left

sexuality: straight

crush: none

backstory: when he was 13 his parents got assasinated. he used 5 years to become the best assassin he uses his time to find the one that killed his parents

Quotes: well hes a goner

Name: jace

Nicknames: the sniper of the shadows

Alias: n/a

Age: 16

Gender: male

Team Alliance: im going all solo

Birthday: no one knows

Zodiac Sign: leo

Years in Training: 13

Personality: dosent say much, heartless

Family: none

Weapons: a sniper and a sword

Accessories: a necklace

Tattoos: a snake on his right arm and a wolf on the left

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{Time: Midnight}
{Place: Karolina's home, Ruined City}
{Status: Open}
{Rp Character: Karolina Alexandria Gracey Fern}

Karolina was looking at her once home, it used to be a big house with 3 stories, not including the attic or basement. But now, it was almost completely gone. The windows were smashed, there was no such thing as a roof, doors, and sometimes walls. This wasn't home. This was a dump.

The young girl ran through the broken door frame and into her once home. There was still some rotten orange juice on the counter and in the refrigerator. She ran to her late brother's bedroom and on his bed... was his teddy bear. Karolina started crying as soon as she saw it and fell to her knees next to his bed.

"Dear brother... I'm sorry..."

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"You? Me? Teammates? Haha, yeah right!"

"OMG, LOL, I'll drop kick ya now and don't even ask me how!"

"My name's Karolina Alexandria Gracey Fern. Well, my birth name. I prefer Alex Fern, thanks."

"One of my most common 'nickname' is California for some odd reason."

"Kitty Kat."

"Do you have to know everything?"


Team Alliance:
"Um... Omega."

"4th of September."

Zodiac Sign:
"I don't fucking know!"

Years in Training:
"I've had 5 years, that's as close as you're getting with my age."

Karolina is rude and mocking to everyone. She is cruel and blood thirsty, might I add heartless. She really enjoys hurting people and is known to be quite bitchy. Once in love, she is very, very protective of her lover and will try to kill any girl/guy that flirts or even looks at her lover.

"They're all dead, but if you really want to know, the Fern Family."


Eye color:
A beautiful, enchanting green color.

Eye shape:
Sharp almond.

Hair color:
A light brown with slightly darker tips and roots.

Hair texture:
Soft and kinda wavy.

Skin tone:
Pale with a slight tan.

Skin texture:
Soft to the touch.

Casual outfit:
Karolina normally wears a black hoodie, ripped blue jeans, black combat boots, and a dark grey tank top under her hoodie.

She is the best at archery, and if not archery she uses a rifle. If she can't use either, she'll use her fists or a dagger.

She wears a necklace with an emerald jewel in the middle, which was passed down for many generations.

An archery kit with a ribbon reading, "World's Best Archer" on her left shoulder.

Her ears and her left nostril.

Multiple scars on her torso and arms.

~Let's go Deeper~

She is indeed Pansexual, but seems to be different.


As a young girl, her mother would teach her archery and gun shooting. By the age of 10, Karolina had earned an award for the world's best archer, and her mother let her get a tattoo. But, sadly, her mother died when she was 14, and she was an orphan with her older brother for 3 years. They both escaped but her brother was killed, and Karolina has been cruel ever since.

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"You'd better not stay around here for too long. The rest of my group will get angry if you stay any longer."

"... No, I think that would be an idiotic and absolutely terrible idea."

Aeon Wintergreen



"... Maybe.... 17?"

"I don't really feel like showing you, so you'll just have to take my word for this. I'm a female."

Team Alliance
Unofficial leader of Team Epsilon


Zodiac Sign

Years in Training
She has been training ever since her brother was taken away, which was three years ago

Aeon is a quiet and introverted person. She is loyal to her team, and is very cautious. She prefers to not show or feel any emotions, since she believes that they will end up killing her one day. She has a sense of remorse and guilt, but a very small amount of mercy, and will execute anybody she deems unworthy.

Aeon usually greets strangers with sarcasm and cynical quips about them, life, and their current situation.

Her parents died in World War 4, and her brother raised her until he had to leave three years ago.


Eye color
Right eye is indigo, while the left is a lighter blue

Eye shape
Rather round

Hair color

Hair texture
A bit frizzy at the ends, but mainly soft and easy to comb through

Skin tone
Fair, with little to no blemishes

Skin texture
Soft and smooth

Casual outfit
A black t-shirt, dark gray jacket, jeans, and black combat boots

Two swords she made herself

A small gold pocket watch with a picture of her with her family before the events.

One of a dark flower on the inside of her left wrist


Her hands and lower arms are covered with burns and scars from working with metal

~Let's go Deeper~

Heterosexual and asexual, which means she's straight and doesn't want to do the frick frack


Metal, wood, and smoke, from fires

Calm, collected, neutral

"Long story short, my parents died in World War 4, and my brother raised me from then on. He taught me how to work with metal and wood, before the war dragged him to the battlefield. I still don't know if he's still alive or not."
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{Time: Sunset}
{Place: Ruined city}
{Character used: Aeon Wintergreen}
{Open? Yes}

*Aeon peered around the corner of a building, her blue eyes scanning the ruined buildings for any sign of movement. A bullet shot rang out, and she moved faster than a human eye could follow. She quickly scampered up the side of a building and stood on the roof, looking over at the sunset before scurrying down the other side of the building. Her movements were like a cat's: swift, graceful, and fluid.*

*Aeon took a deep breath, relaxing on the side of a building before a person startled her. She whipped out one of her swords and pointed it at their neck instinctively. (Y/N)'s eyes widened in surprise and shock. They hadn't expected this girl of maybe 5 feet 3 inches to be that quick to react.*
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