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Voici les table de pique nique qui ont été livré dans nos école nourricières.
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Voici un exemple mathématiques pour utiliser le théorème de Pythagore dans la construction de nos tables de pique nique.

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La construction des robots EV3 est terminée. On explore les graphiques distance-temps!
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This is a working document to help keep track and share the activities we are doing in our TechnoMath program.

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Attached are the slides we used at the Innovation 21 Conference in Toronto last week. It highlights a few of our observations/reflections from our TechnoMath class, as well as photos of some of the projects students made. We gave the same survey at the beginning and at the end of the class, so the graphs you see are some comparisons between the beginning and the end of the semester. There are a few interesting results that we are still exploring from the survey data - more to come!

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Attached is the integrated final evaluation that we did in our grade 9 technomath class. We set up 6 tasks for students to complete and most of them had components that related to both math and technology. We had students that were all in different math courses - essentials, applied, academic - so you will see the different questions reflected in the task as well.

At the end of the document you will see some screen shots of the process that Tunde and I went through to plan the final evaluation. The rubrics and some checklists are there as well.

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Voici les projet pour notre deuxième semestre.

Certaines école nourricières veulent des tables de pique-niques en cèdre pour placer dans les cours extérieurs.
Nous construisons cinq table rectangulaire et une hexagonale.

Voici les photos de leur progrès jusqu'à présent.
Je vais mettre aussi deux exemples de calculs que les élèves devaient résoudre dans leur cours de mathématique avant de couper et assembler leurs morceaux.

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Here is a link to several activities/tasks we have completed during the semester. You will find the following:

- a task related to similarity and the tangent ratio with small building component
- some work and an assignment about measurement linked to Insulated Concrete Forms
- a task involving the construction of a ball launcher followed up by capturing the parabolic flight path and modelling with a quadratic using Desmos.
- our Culminating Portfolio that includes reflection on both the math and tech courses, and will be used as part of the final assessment in both courses.

Any questions, please feel free to ask!

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This is the letter that was sent out to all students who were in our TechnoMath program at Ernestown Secondary School. We sent it to students before the semester began.

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Voici notre produit final!
Nos élèves étaient très fiers.
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