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As an Ex.
Name: Zack Light Fire
 Age: 26
 Species: Sagitarian
 Teach: I'm the Prinipal But i also help train
  Skills/weapon: I carry two swords Order and Chaos. My skills Vary
 Bio: Dont worry about it...

winter is walking around the Training Field, she is new here so she don't know that this is a Training Field humming a soft tone

Name: Winter wolfland
Age: 15
Species: neko
Occupation: not working i'm to young to works (;w;)
Weapon/Power: ice magic but can use other magic but not that good ;w;) and she carry a dagger with her at all time
Skills: (cuteness?? idk) best in partner fight, she is really fast as a wind.shadow step: is when she is not looking and someone attack her from behind, she will dodge it with east and other time she will use this skill is when someone is in danger and she will get them out of there
quick strike: is when she is looking for opponent weak spot, and if she see one she will strike that spot with no mercy.
wind ride: (this skill can only happen when is a snow storm happening or when she make it a hail storm) she can blind you with the snow storm or aka white out preventing other people see what is happening because they can't see anything through the white out.
Bio:born in the forest with a ice magic power from the beginning, live with other animal in the forest, but was found by someone, and was take care by them, and that's what happen (but when they found out i can do ice magic is when i froze their cat by accident so yeah) (and they seal half of her magic ;w; so yeah) (those pic i post is her seal form and her no-seal form )

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Name: Koza the Flame
Age: 17
Species: Cursed human
Occupation: Cook
Weapon/Power: Mastery over flame, Trouble with Space time manipulation, shapeshifting and extremely skilled cook. Uses a long sword that shrinks into a kitchen knife
Skills: Cooks really well, can create flame art
Personality: A hot head but is very kind
Bio: As a child his village was raided and his parents, to continue their line, cursed him to be one with a Pheonix. The two merged and became Koza the Flame. Ever since however, he traveled the world learning new and fantastic ways to cook
(His eyes are actually like clocks and his Irises look like galaxies, otherwise they look rather normal)

in the halls of the Academy stood a boy with Flaming red hair and eyes that looked almost like a clock in a galaxy, he watched the courtyard with mild intrest
So this is the Academy....I wonder where my classes will be...first i have a Mr. Richard? Huh...

(+Haruyuki Arita)

+Hei Ibn-La A'had
+Toshiro Hitsugaya

Anton followed kyrin to the back where the daggers where seeing multiple different kinds, a few of them similar to what he had, he stared with wide excited eyes woah.... he looked back at her then at the weapons there's so many....

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Richard was working with max to get to the normal pokemon world the machine not fully working with the right pokéverse so when max sent Richard as his test subject through the portal Richard didn't come out for a good half an hour trying to get a espeon girl to leave him alone because she was attracted to the flame on his tail thinking he was a shiny charizard guy and she ended up following him out of the portal max I brought a pokemon back with me
Max: oh what pokemon turned around in his chair then facepalmed that's a humanoid pokémon, well time to recallobrate the machine
Richard walks out of the lab the espeon still following him and you notice
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Name: his real name is unknown but his partner a low level succubus calls him luke or Lucas
Nickname: chibi demon
Age: he looks 12 but he doesn't even know his real age
Personality: quiet sometimes shy unless you offer him sweets
Species: he knows he's part neko but doesn't know about his own demon side so he thinks he's human
Fighting ability: none until he gets mad thats when he materializes a gun that has only been named BFG that obliterates whatever he sees as a threat but afterwords he passes out
Bio: he was the son of the most powerful demon hunting lord of hell and a beautiful catgirl human but to protect him from all the demons that he would end up having to hunt his father wiped his memory of any knowledge of his past and left his parents a fuzzy memory that would recover when he was old enough giving him to a family of succubi who acted like humans in the overworld the youngest weakest girl in that house tried to do what all succubi do and drain his life and failed ac accidentally making a contract with the young boy she tries to act like a tsundere but likes him secretly

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you were walking down the street when you saw a weak low level demon hunter riding a baron of hell the baron doesn't seem to even notice them as the run causing havoc you see a small neko boy who the baron was running towards the boy was petrified with fear but the baron seemed to be slowing down as he got close
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+Hei Ibn-La A'had
+Zack Fire

lumina types on the screen before speaking to delta give me a moment, I'm looking up the coordinates now. she looks at alpha while still typing I can hook you up when your ready. Amy looks at the city it's massive...
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